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Injustice reigns everywhere

Too mad to write today. A friend of mine (ok so shes not a very good friend and is rather annoying, but im oblidged. she doesnt have that many friends, and at least i can help her.) fractured a part of her foot last night. Her parents refused to take her to the hospital or even get her ice and she had to rely on her 9 year old sister to do so for her.

Most disgustingly though, she shouldnt have even broken it. She merely twisted her foot while going down the stairs, something I do at least once a week and I have never broken a bone. Sadly however she is very thin (though not anorexic, she just can’t get food) and as a result I believe her bones were left brittle and it merely snapped.

Also she was mad when walking down the stairs she says.

What do you do when you think your friend might be abused but you dont know how to help. I think about what happens to her and I can’t help but want to take her away from her family and force feed her. Her motor skills and cognitive functions are also sorely lacking as a result of what i believe to be malnutrition. Would you ever let your child come to school with nothing but an apple for the entire day and no money to buy food with either? Would you ever ground them for taking their hair down during the day? Especially if their other siblings which they have a lasting fued with tattle on them? Would you ever, ever make your child bike to the stationary store and buy their own school supplies with their own allowance when they live miles from a grocery store even?

Would you ever ever ever ever ever refuse to take your child for an x-ray if they are 16 and screaming and crying in pain? ANd her mother was down stairs having tea with a friend, and screamed at the daughter for making noise and over reacting while she was trying to enjoy herself? Would you ever, as a father, tell your child who is in so much pain ” Yeah, well there’s nothing we can do?” ? Would you ever make your child pay for their own crutches? Would you ever neglect them to the point that they go to the school nurse for a letter saying she needs an x ray? Or when she had nits, that she needed to stay home and wash her hair with certain shampoos to get rid of them?

Her situation has been bothering me for a few years now. Well two, thats as long as I’ve known her. She is horribly skinny. I fear she could break every bone in her body by just falling down!

I don’t know what to do. Her sister will throw a tantrum in the morning for her simply commenting on how she hadn’t been able to use the bathroom yet, and she gets in trouble for it. So much that despite the fact that her parents will be going to the school to drop off her 2 siblings, they will make her take the bus to and from school and tell her that they dont want to see her again for the rest of the day. I’m sorry but you DO NOT DO THAT TO YOUR CHILD! Not just because it is immoral, and counter productive, and she ends up having to walk quite a bit and also she ends up getting to school late and having to be careful when she gets home so as not to alert her parents.

I fear for her, and do not know what to do. I have spoken to my mother and she agrees.

I mean when a 16 year old girl is crying in her bed and you would rather attend to your own social life, you should not be a mother.

Advice plz

Happy Birthday!

On a bit of a lighter note today, I would like to wish happy birthday to Mr. Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.  Today he turns 170 years old.  that is, if he had been alive. But I think his is a birthday worth remembering. I personally love Tchaikovsky’s music. Since I was a little girl wanting to be a prima ballerina I’ve dreamed of the day I would don my pointe shoes and perform a dance, any dance, to one of Tchaikovsky’s world renown ballets be it Swan Lake, The Nutcracker or even Sleeping Beauty.  And then later on, I’d watch the ballets or hear the music and not know which I wanted more; to be front and center on top of the stage or front and center beneath it, in the orchestra pit.

I started dancing as soon as I could stand, and my mother first enrolled me in lessons when I was only 2 and a half. She was scared that if I kept trying to be prima ballerina without proper training I would go skidding around the house until I had managed to seriously hurt myself. I started with ballet but slowly took on more dance styles. Sadly, as all things good must come to an end, I ended up having to limit what I did outside school and now I only have time to do ballet and a jazz mixed course and of course my musical theater workshop which runs for half the year.

Music, well I started that later on, when I was about 6 and a half I held my first violin. I had admired them since I was little too. Always leaning over in my seat when the orchestra began to tune, and then at intermission I’d lean further over to see the violins and violas lying there beside their larger sister the cello. I always had a particular attraction to the violin and cello. I wanted to start cello when I was finally old enough to play in the school orchestra.  But my fingers were to short, so instead I stuck with violin which I had already been playing for around three years.

And that was 7 years ago.

But anyways… Back to Tchaikovsky.

Does anyone else have any opinions on his works? I love them all, and 90% of the time, what I am humming (which I do constantly- much to my mother and one brother’s annoyance) it is one of his overtures, or themes, or symphonies… It is annoying, sometimes even for me having these songs going around in my mind constantly, but how can you mind when it is so beautiful!?

I’m sorry this post has taken so long to write folks, and im sorry its so untypically short, but I’ve been typing with either one hand, or very painfully and slowly with both, and can’t really bring myself to type much more. Stupid clumsy me has totally messed up her left hand today, or else the right had bad karma against it…I get home, desperately needing a cup of nice relaxing black tea, and while taking out the pot to put water in, manage to smash my hand with such huge force against the oven door handle. Luckily I got the bit between your thumb and forefinger, you know that soft part where there is nothing? Well thank goodness I smashed my hand there, because there was so much force I think I would have broken a bone… Its already swollen and bruised just a couple of hours later, and then later I tried to close the door. By just pushing it with my palm SOME HOW my pinky got cuaght between the metal door and the doorframe. needless to say more bruises…But to top it all off, I twisted my wrist while trying to pick up my heavy back pack full of textbooks for revision… and to think I was using both hands…

Oh well, if it still hurts tomorrow as much as it does today I will go the emergency room. Though I doubt anything is broken, and thank goodness for that! I have a violin concert on Monday, and YES I am playing Tchaikovsky’s Chanson Triste, sad song. Its very sad and ha plenty of vibrato as in the classic Tchaikovsky fashion. I hope I’ll manage to do the piece justice…

More tomorrow, hopefully.

Well there better be. The blog will be 1 week old tomorrow at 8 oclock at night!

Alas, if I type any more I fear I will sprain something, so good morning/day/evening/night everyone!