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ok, So a friend, who is awesome at digital art, promised me that when I got 1000 views she would make me something as a congratulatory prize. See I never thought I would make it to 100 let alone 1000. Now, its really late, and I’m nearly at 2000 but Ill put it up anyways.

Here’s a link to her site:

and here is the picture she did just for moi. 🙂


It doesn’t say congratyulations or anything. I can tell its for ne, because where as she loves cats and pokemon, and a lot of what she does is related to them, I’m a fishy person (lol). and no, she doesn’t dream of eating me :P.

I can’t type much now. Got work to do. A few more paintings need to be finished before school starts and an essay needs to be… started at least 😛

But there you go Jinx my dear!  I told you I’d put it up!

spreading the word

Ok, so the wedding was beautiful, and very fun.  Now, as the young couple embark on their honeymoon, i embark on my next school year. We leave in a few days to return to the States for the new school year. And I don’t really have much to say right now, but I was reading some of the posts that were put on Freshly Pressed today, and thought I’d put up the ones that I liked.

my friend Drussilah mentioned “change blindness” on one of her older posts. This is how we come by change blindness. Because we don’t actually absorb even 1/4 of the stuff we see/hear/experience. My grand dad seems to be immune to this. When we were little and would go on walks with him, you would see his head moving all around, taking in his surroundings. thats how we came across so many strange creatures, lost toys, and fruit. he was always aware of the fruit around him.

This really struck a chord with me and my mom.  It’s hard to say goodbye to my bro, even though he aint so far away… :S

oh well, gotta go. my time has been cut short and theres alot to be done.

Live la vie da’loca.

Blood, Sweat and Tears

That’s what this summer has been all about.  The sweat was from the sweltering heat of Greece, in the month I spent there, (thankfully, now that its August, and the hottest month for Greeks, I’m far away). Blood is from the work I’ve been doing recently, and the tears… well not many have been shed yet, but they are imminent.

Ok so lets start at the beginning. This summer, my whole family and I decided to cut our vacations short, and spend a couple of weeks in Boston in order to set him up at his residence in Berklee University. He’s so excited to be starting university and can’t wait to start “seriously jammin’ ” unfortunately things won’t be the same without him. Sure, I’ve still got my sister, and other brother… but it won’t be the same, we had a special bond. I can’t imagine what it will be like to wait for the bus stop without him. to walk to music lessons alone. To not have someone driving me out of my mind…

Anywho, that was kinda annoying, because it was really hard to pack him up and to unpack him.  Not to mention that there aren’t any elevators in his dorm, and did i mention he was studying music? Yeah imagine me and my sister struggling with half of his electric piano, up 4 flights of stairs… not to mention the drums which were just plain awkward to carry up, because, me with my stupidly small hands, i kept on being scared I’d drop one… not to mention that you couldnt see where you were putting your feet…

Once we got him settled in, he started work. They had some Jazz camp thing at the school. He took it and got half a credit for it. meanwhile I was on a plane…. alone… heading for Newfoundland. See… some of my friends tease us that we have friends/family everywhere… because we do! I mean we have an aunt in Boston who is going to be keeping an eye on my brother. Her two sons are both a few years older… about four or five and have already graduated Colledge/University and are settled into their own respective fields, but they are good friends with my brothers and I. We used to ski together alot when we vacationed in Quebec for the winters. but we haven’t seen them for about 5 years.  And we don’t go to that same part of Quebec much any more.

My grandparents used to have a little Chalet near a mountain there. The whole family used to cramp into the cozy house for Christmas. Short days full of skiing and skating, long nights full of skating, skiing, home made eggnog drinking, hearth heated walnuts (walnuts roasting on an open fire) and caroling. Some times, when the snow was solid, but the weather wasn’t too cold, there wasn’t much wind, and if there were no blizzards on the horizon, we would all don snow shoes, well most of us. the young ones used to jump in the sled and be pulled by our dogs. No they weren’t huskies or malimutes… ok my grand dad’s was but most of them were an assortment of large dogs, five in total, and we would harness them and take the kiddywinks for a sled ride (the sled was a invention of my grand dads. it looked, and more or less was made some what like a canoe, but had runners stuck tot he side to keep it sliding over the water, and just the bottom of the hull used to glide through the snow.) and We would go all the way to the neighbours, thermouses of warm eggnog stuffed down our snow suits, signing carols all the way. then when we got to the door, we’d knock, and sing some more. Pouring the eggnog into mugs for the grownups, and warmed maple syrup over fresh snow for the kids. Was it ever fun.

Then, four years ago, Gran died. It was May, right before mother’s day; a cruel twist of fate. The last time we had seen her was that winter. She had been ill, though not badly. She hadn’t come out singing, and she was going to sleep earlier. But her and I were still up early everymorning to go hunting for icicles. We both had a thing about icicles. She used to take a little hatchet, and me a butter knife until I was 8 and got my own small hatchet, for breaking off the icicles with. She used to chop down great big huge ones and pretend they were magic staffs. She even used to stick a snow ball on top. As I could never cut ones as big, and the butter knife wasn’t much use, i used to go more for the magic wand type. We always had a basket, lined with a red and white checkered cloth- the fraying remainder of a retired pic nic blanket from summers past- so that we could see it in the snow even when it was full of icicles and sunken into the snow with the weight of the ice. we used to pile them into the basket and skip home lithely through the woods, laughing, and singing all through the woods she knew so well.  If you had seen her then you never would have known she was ill. We still got home far before anyone else awoke. We would “marinade” the icicles in tubs of maple syrup, and she would hack the long ones into log-like shapes. Then, when everyone awoke, and was ready for their tea, warm milk, or eggnogg… they had a maple encrusted ice stirstick. it was an ingenious invention. It would cool the warm drinks just tot eh point of being able to sip them, and the maple syrup would  sweeten the drink. Gran and I, though, would love to just nibble on the icicles as is. And they had a huge freezer downstairs in the basement where they stored the meats and such. There we would store enough icicles to last her (and Iwhenever I was there) through the summer (when we’d make lemonade and put them in whenever there was company and everyone marvelled at icicles in july… and some times we would colour sugar with food colouring, and rub it onto the icicles… they were so beautiful. especially in the lemonades on a warm summer day in the forest). It was in April that she broke her leg. The doctor’s say that’s what did her in. Her body just couldn’t handle reparing such a bad break on top of the rest of what it had been dealing with (type two diabetes, anemia, and a cold that had lasted all winter).  It had started to hail outside and she ran out to save a butterfly that was flitting through her flower beds. For someone that loved winter so much, she was just as at home in a spring garden. It was the first butterfly of the year, and she couldn’t stand to see it get crushed when it was so near safety.  She managed to coax it into a jar with some honey and nectars and brightly coloured flowers… and was then coming back inside, up the stairs, pre-occupied with admiring the butterfly, with no hand on the railing, both tenderly cradling the jar, obviously trying not to let the hail it it and reverberate through the jar to the butterfly’s tender antenna. It was then, that she slipped on a step, littered with lethal pellets of hail. She fell backwards, broke a leg and an arm in the fall , aswell as the jar. My granddad had been watching his wife’s endeavour through the window, and immediatly called an ambulance. When he got home from the hospital after her death, by then it was may, he told me, crying over the phone, that the butterfly was there. It’s dainty wings flattened and shattered beyond self repair, on an organism too fragile to intervene with. Just like my gran.

There were the tears…

Haha, *sniff sniff*, I’m at an internet cafe, and I’ve attracted quite a few stares for my unabashed and unchecked tears and open weeping apparently without cause. The teen behind the counter, I’d guess he’s about my age, seems rather frightened… poor thing. I keep having to tell him it’s nothing to do with his service (since I haven’t ordered anything but an ice tea- ice cubes, not rods.- which I got just fine).

I can’t believe I’m sitting here, in an internet cafe, with tears running down my face, worrying about my Gramps, reminiscing about my Grams, and laughing at the situation.

Anyways, back to summer and the present.

Actually… no the past for another second.

So the next year my Gramps started renting the chalet. In the winter, a near by ski resort pays him well for its use, from November till March. From April till September, Camper, Back packers and all sorts of young folk rent it. The woods are lovely, and the leck out back is too. I’m glad more people get to enjoy it’s beauty, though I miss our old Holidays as family. But atleast this way its only empty for October. When its too cold to camp, but too warm to ski.

With his pension, and what he’s making from the Chalet’s rent, since he payed off the mortgage LONG ago, he’s renting a place in Newfoundland, near St. Johns…. actually, I don’t know if it’s closer to St. John’s or Argentia. But either way he is near plenty of good hospitals, and there is a Rest Home not far away, either, and they made a deal with my dad to send out a care taker twice a week to check on him. Despite being 80, my grand dad is full of energy, spunk and quite independent. He still drives, though he prefers to walk, and he is quite agile and lithe for his age.  When we asked why he was moving so far away, he said he wanted a place full of beauty, to remind him of Grams, but without the painful memories and pitying stares of the locals. Here, everyone is so nice, and they know him, and about my Grams, but they understand. They let him live his life the way he wants. Many of them admire him, and upon learning my relationship with him, spoke of what an inspiration he was. I’m just so glad to be here with him.

And it’s a good thing I’m here. Outside, his place was beautiful, and the scenery was breathtaking. But inside, the place was drab. I took his car to St. John’s, an bought some brushes, and rollers, and 3 big cans of paint and 2 small, not to mention a bag of polishing rags and wood polish and metal polish, and some floor cleaner, a new mop, Windex and paper towels and another of sandpaper. Forget about packing! The first thing I did was wash the windows. Next, I painted the shutters. I wasn’t all that thrilled about doing the upstairs windows and shutters from the outside… seeing as I’d need a ladder and it was quite high… and I’m not the biggest fan of ladders. So I waited until the afternoon hopping the sun wouldn’t be so bright… In the mean time I sheperded my grand dad out of the house with a pic-nic on the deck while I mopped down all the floors. When I let him back in, once the floors were dry and he wouldn’t muck them up, he was astounded at how easy it was to see with clean windows, and shiny, polished floor. I was glad I brought my work overalls and ignored my mom, cause I ended up using them alot. After Lunch, I put off getting on the ladder again, and instead crawled along the deck with goggles on my eyes and gloves on my hands as I sanded down the deck. I say it was built about a hundred years ago, and wasn’t maintained for the past fifty. Now, as the sun was setting behind the trees, I decided to paint the deck. The shutters were a nice evergreen colour which stood out beautifully against the white wash of the boards. It was while I was doing them that I realised the exterior would need a scrub and wash and another layer of white wash. For now, I would just contend myself with painting the deck its warm chocolaty brown. it was a red based brown and looks beautiful surrounded by woods.

When I was finally done that, I showered numbly, and went straight to sleep… exhausted and smelling of good old fashioned work.

But when I awoke the next morning, to my dismay, the ladder was still waiting propped against the house. I was starting to climb it, when much to my suprised, like a blast from the past, a teen came riding round the corner on a bike with a basket full of papers. He rung his bell at teatering leaning against a window pane with a paintbrush in my mouth and a can of paint ballanced precariously on the windowsill. and then he laughed as I nearly toppeled over. I was properly furious by then. But in the end he offered to stop by that afternoon and any other if we needed any help fixing up the house. he offered to do the windows, so i guess i couldnt stay too mad for too long. Anyways he did the windows while I did the walls inside and then he and my grand dad started washing the walls outside… Then they came in and we started doing other walls. The next day we put second coats on all the walls and white washed the outside. It was rather fun with them helping.

Also, with them helping, and some more local teens, Gramps and I finished all the preparations! I would say quicker than we expected but the truth was that we weren’t expecting to pull it off.

Now the house, and thankfully the weather too, are nearly ready for the wedding on Wendsday. Its been a bit cloudy lately, and the forecast says it will be tomorrow and tuesday as well, but that wendsday should be sunny and warm, feeling like 25 degrees C. THen after that it gets a bit rainy again, which I love but no one ever seems to want for a wedding. My cousin, the bride, is getting in tomorrow, and I can not wait. Its so excitting!

The ceremony is taking place on the little jetty that bridges off the the shore. Its not on my grand dad’s prperty but his neighbour said he could use it. and then there will be a reception on my gran dad’s lawn. Its very homey and pic nic-esque, and it works since its a small ceremony. She came to visit Gramps last summer with her fiancee and fell in love with the place, and they both agreed they would do the wedding there.

Oh well! Gotta go! Times up! Gramps needs me back at the house to settle some details!

Now you see why its been such a busy, sweaty, bloody, soon to get even more teary summer?

the power of three

Three beautiful summer blooms I found outside the library on my way into town. I love the delicate serenity of the roses contrasting with the hard brick background.


I got home yesterday afternoon. Was greeted at the port by one of my brothers. We then had to take the metro, two busses and another metro train to get home. Not so much fun after traveling, being in the hot sweaty capitol and with a bulky suitcase.  How long will the rail repairs on the Athenian metro last anyways? It seems like they’ve been going on for ages!

Anyways it was nice to be home. I didnt even do any air travel and I feel the jet lag ish drain of traveling. Is it because of the stress of traveling or what? Why do I always feel so exhausted after traveling?

Anyways, when I finally got home I had to go to the eye glasses store. I had ordered a new pair with a new subscription before leaving and had awaited them eagerly. My old pair had recently lost one of the little rubber things that keeps the glasses on the bridge of the nose, not to mention that they were scratched from being thrown off my face numerous times during pirouettes. I wore my glasses to ballet and dance classes before I started wearing contacts and I could never decide whether or not to wear my glasses during pirrouettes. for jumps they were out of the question cause they would be bopping up and down, but for pirouettes… well If i didnt wear them i didnt spot so well and so they didnt come out so well. But if i did… then they risked serious injury to someone else and then I would be scared of them flying into someone and so the pirouettes weren’t so good then either. *sigh*. I know a lot of people dont bother wearing their glasses for dance or other activities… but unlike most people I actually like my glasses. Don’t get my wrong, I prefer contacts for activities and sports, but if i couldnt wear my contacts for some reason i WOULD wear my glasses.

Anywho I’m just glad to be seeing the world in High Deffinision again :P. The dizzyness is settling down now. When ever I get a new prescription or a new frame I’,m always really disorientated at first. Of course it didnt help last night, that I was tired. Its just really wierd that when I turn my head… I’m very aware of the fact that, due to the new glasses im seeing more details, and so if I turn… i feel that rather than seeing a blur of colours and shapes… Im turning in sections and seeing snap shots with individual items in focus…


Ok I’m still sleepy and Haven’t had lunch or breakfast yet (thanks to a dentist apointment…) just an ice cream on the way back (hehe… HEY I was walking and its hot! :P) so Im off… to sleep… or watch tv…. or eat… or cook… dont know what yet… think its a vegging kinda day…

adios amigos!

It feels like forever

I couldn’t believe I haven’t written a proper post in so long! Sad to say this one isn’t going to be very proper either…

I’ve been very… drowsy… what with the summer lazyness kicking in.  My sister and I have actually managed to get by that, now that we’ve realised it, by setting up a workout routine. Greece is such a great place to work out, because its so hot. So you feel even better afterward when you take a nice cool shower. Perfectly refreshing right before the mid day heat hits at two in the afternoon. Today is a rest day. We are doing cardio/aerobic and weight lifting for resistance and strength training every other day during the week, and then on the weekend (because its harder with people lounging on couches and parents buzzing around) we do whatever we can. But often we go to the beach or for a bike ride. Nevertheless, we try to wake up early enough to get in a little palates on the weekend while everyone else is asleep still.

Anyways, i’ve been drowsy and not spending much time on the computer. When I have, its mostly been for research. I can’t wait to get my pictures printed and start painting. Off now to get the paints!!!

Good luck to all of you on your summer goals!

Wandering wherever the wind takes you

I went wandering again yesterday.

Well what else is there to do in the summer? Besides it was lovely weather. High twenties (Greece has had very low temperatures this summer and I’m loving it!), breezy, shady due to slightly overcast skies… just beautiful! Plus all the rain we have had recently the trees are green, the grass is growing and the flowers are blossoming more than ever!

I love it when the flowers blossom in Greece. It is such a dry climate, and yet you get such tropical looking plants around here. Sure there are the palm trees which were imported and not indigenous, but there are other lovely, vivid and vibrantly coloured flowers, which, when you look at them with their lovely background of lush greenery, give you the impression of being in a tropical rain forest. Or is it just me?

I tend to let my mind get away from me. I think about impressions. Not what I see with my eyes but what I see with my mind. What I feel with my mind. What I sense with my mind. I think about colours and shapes and words and descriptions of how I can transfer these impressions from my mind’s eye to that of my audience, be they reading, seeing, hearing or watching.

So… Yesterday, amidst the wanderings I ended up at one of my friend’s houses. Another friend had informed me that she was at home, and wouldn’t be leaving for vacation yet. So when I ended up in the area I decided to stop by and say ‘Hi”. Well knowing me I probably said about 1000 other words… no 100,000 other words (probably even more).

Anyways, we decided, since it wasn’t too hot to go walking around in the shopping district. Most of the stuff in many of the stores is outrageously expensive because of the area, the brand name shops, and the other reasons. We all know of the economic difficulties Greece is going through now, and how the government has recently raised the tax. So most store owners have had to raise their prices to get along with this.

We managed to find some nice shirts as a gift for a friend who’s birthday it is today (Happy Birthday Dear!) and I managed to find a cute dress as well. It doesn’t fit quite perfectly… The straps are a bit too long, and if I shorten them, which I will, then I’m going to have to put in two more seams to alter the width of the bodice which would then be slightly too big. My sister has promised to help me get the measurements right, but I will be doing the sewing myself. Having to sew on my ribbons and elastics onto my pointe and flat ballet shoes my stitches are rather small and neat. Though my mother still does them right before my exams so that I know they are on strongly.

I’ve just been itching to be creative lately. After shopping, my companion and I went to get some Pizza. Here is what happened while waiting for our order to be ready and after:

No half empty or full... just empty... plus a lemmon slice, tehe, I ate the ice 😛




The flash made this look spooky and luminous

I’ll put some flora and fauna up later. Internet is being too slow right now.

All of these are up on my Facebook page, plus more.

But I really have been itching to get my hands on something.


and let loose.

be creative.

Get messy,

Make Mistakes (lol- to quote my favourite cartoon when I was little “The Magic School Bus”- hehe, and then people wonder why I’m smart ;P I keed- A birthday girl quote, lol)

No Joke. I want to paint. But I haven’t bought my acrylic set yet, and I dont want the pale wishy washy colours of watercolour any more. I feel hindered by it. That I can’t get the movement and vivid colour that I want. I might have mentioned before that I was looking into getting a oil paint set so I could develop a new technique and skill and media. Come exam time that would be one more option I have. But my mom doesn’t want to have the turpentine and all the chemicals that are involved lying around the house if I end up not taking it to my liking. Plus she and I both can see me making a massive mess! I can see myself trying to thicken the paint with olive oil and spilling the jug all over the floor. Or taking a break from painting while I wait for a small section to dry, and so practice my fouette pirroutettes (as I like to in the living room), used paint brushes in hair and all only to send them flying splatering across the wall and kicking down the easel and knocking over the jug of turpentine and spilling the cleaning chemicals across the dining room table. Aye, yae yae, what a mess it would be! Better be safe than sorry right?

And at least I have a bit of experience with Acrylic so I know i would be able to use it. I just find that I never get as life like a likeness with acrylic for whatever reason. I still dream of the images I could get with oil, but I’ll wait till september and see if I can persuade my art teacher back home into letting me use some of the school’s supply… hehe.

I love watercolours for somethings… but not for all, and I have a vision. Watercolour won’t cut it for that.

I also want to dance uncontrollably. I’m definitely in withdrawal from lessons ending. I hear any song and instantly a thousand different choreographic ideas come to mind. Ok the impressions and stories of the ideas come to mind. Not the actual sequence until I select one from the hoard.  Tomorrow, I’m gonna try one with my sister and see if that works to quiet my mind a bit so I can focus on one form of art.  *sigh*

Till next time!

Summer’s just begun!

Well, it officially began a couple of days ago, but we were all waiting for school to end. FINALLY!!! I Just got home! but… it doesn’t feel like summer. All of my friends abroad and a lot of my friends from around here too were already out of school at least a week ago. And then there’s my brother, who is now a graduate and has pretty much been lounging around the house for the past month. At least he got to try out a new hobby before going to university. Its called “Annoying your sister by telling her that you dont have school and get to sleep in tomorrow and will be getting up while she is in her Physics class and telling her to go to bed and stop writing on her blog because she has school tomorrow and keeping up the entire family by having friendss over late and then having them leave noisily EXTEREMELY early in the morning…” I’m now all the more impatient to finish school. Oh well, next year he’s going to be paying taxes and having to rely on him self while I’ll still be cooking from my parents’ fridge, right?

What happened to the years when we used to love school, and couldn’t wait for it to begin? Did they run away when the going got tough? Or are they merely oppressed by status quot and non suportive or non stimulating work? I think a combination. What about you?

Well last night (when I actually started writing this post… but anyways) was the prize giving ceremonies for our school. That means that I spent 2 hours listening to speaches and the hundreds of people being called onto stage to receive prizes. Haha, joking, hundreds? My school isnt that big. There are only about 50 people per grade, and only about 20 people to receive a prize in each grade.  My brother got to play his saxophone, which he did splendidly, (I’m still getting compliments to bring home to him) and one of my friends sister’s played violin which she did wonderfully. She did her Grade 8 exam a couple of years ago, and my brother did the grade 8 this year. Both passed excelantly and I am so proud of them both, as well as the entire graduating class. HERE”S TO ALL THE GRADUATES AROUND THE WORLD!!!

Now as for today… what a horrible embarrassment! Every year we have a talent show at the end of the year at our school. This year one of my friends managed to convince me to sign a song while she played on the piano. It was literally last minute because we were printing out the lyrics for me about 15 minutes before we hit the stage. Fun. We started out ok, and we were only going to sing a bit, but I got so nervous, my hand was shaking so hard I couldn’t read the lyrics and forgot the line. Then my friend got nervous and sped up a bit on the piano and we were both so dazed we couldn’t get back into place. We ended with a little bit of the chorus before making a dash for backstage. Oh well, at least I have 2 and some months to get over it. We already decided though, that next year 2 other singers, me and her and a couple of friends are going to get together (a head of time this time round) to perform much better. Two of our friends (the ones we are singing with next year (hopefully)) sang something slightly impromptu, together. But the main singer had composed the song and so had no problem remembering lyrics. We’ve also decided, I’m gonna write a poem for her and she will compose the music. For you two, I voted for ya, and got a hold of other paper of peoples who said they wanted to vote for you but didnt want to write!  So proud of you both, you did wonderfully! Oh did I mention they won? 😀

So the song we did was Boston by Augustana. Anyone know it? anyone like it? I don’t think its exactly the right song for my voice. I love singing, and can get a clear note and hold a melody but I’m not exactly a good singer. I’m pretty good with Chirstmas carols, (lol) they are the only songs that seem to suit my voice, but other ones I like to sing are (don’t laugh) “Colours of the Wind” from Pocahontus (yes I know its disney, but I’ve always loved the song, it has a lovely message and I love the melody) “River” by Joni Mitchel, and “Ironic” by Alanis Morinsetti (sorry if I spelt any names wrong!)

Here’s the Youtube link to Boston (haha- out of context, that still makes sense… kinda):

Enjoy your summer everyone! Be active, be healthy, stay PALE! 😛 Ok, just make sure you don’t get burnt like I did!

Over and out.

Even when things should be slowing down…

…they just end up speeding up.

It’s summer.

We are now nearly ready to end school. Exams have been handed back (all but art). Lessons are winding down.

Deadlines are being met,  summer work is being set, and relaxation is being post-poned…

Its that time of year when everyone just wants to relax, and finish, and start summer, but our school has decided to have school end a bit later this year, so we are all enduring a bit more of the … well nothingness that marks our daily lives. typical days.

That sounds really depressing.

I just mean that we are all in suspense as usual, always waiting for something, to happen.

Tomorrow morning, something will happen. My grade is going on a camping trip. Beach, sun, trees, relaxation, swimming, ice-cream, good company (hopefully)… what more can I ask for? (that actually sounds like a lot of demands :P)

Well my point is that not much has been going on right now. I just finished packing. I’ve got everything on my check list (provided by school) and yet I still feel like I’m missing something… We all go through this, problem is, I think I have this feeling far too often. And its normally right.

Anyways, I know this is kinda short, (VERY short) but I’ll be getting up in 7 and a half hours… probably I’ll only get 5 hours sleep by the time I’m done getting everything I could possibly need, and finally put my mind to rest that I have EVERYTHING I could Possibly need.

I think the big problem though  is that I’m not taking my I-pod with me. I mean can you imagine 3 days with out music??? I certainly can not! Haha, this sounds really spoiled. But Music, Dance, and words… they are just a must for me in my everyday life. (oh! Thats something I need to get, my notebooks! Thx guys!) (oh and I could get another novel too… what else is there to do but read when I’m not swimming. I’m not a sun bathing type. WAY too boring!) Keep up the Brain storm! see this is one of the great things about being able to multiple think… while you are busy doing one thing you mind keeps tackling another problem… Where as other people, though tend to think about 2 or 3 things at once, it seems that I can annoyingly think of 5 or 6 at once and sometimes end up getting confused.

Ok- new problem arose. My flashlight isnt working. It’s an underwater one I got last year. Bulb is fine, batteries have charge- but for some reason there seems to be no negative terminal and we can not find out how to get the light on! oh well… another thing to do while I can not sleep. Find new Flashlight!  *sigh* aint this just swell?

Ok flash light is now working and I just managed to stuff a few more things into my bag. Next, a couple more books.

Ok books and flash light added to bag… bag itself is full, though the zip still goes by really easily… htere fore there is still some room for stuff on the top should I need it (such as books… camera… more books 😛 I know I know, I’m a total book worm! :P)

Ok forget about that. It’s now officially full… which means that coming back I wont be able to fit ANYTHING in it! haha. I’ll manage… somehow…

Well I really should go. I have some email and correspondances to write before I go to bed so toodle-oo (just found out how to spell it correctly haha!)

Bonna Notte Tutti!

How I loooove inactivity -.-

It feels so long since I’ve been on here.

It has been a while indeed, but exams always get in the way. How unfortunate.

Well because of finishing exams and getting them back and having life go on as usually because it isn’t summer break yet (unfortunately), there isn’t too much to say. Not only have I not been writing much, but I haven’t been reading much either. I’m glad that now I will be able to catch up on some of my favourite blogs. Its about time, I say.

Inactivity is a horrible thing to have in our lives. Not to mention how much worse it is when it effects all our lives. I’m talking about the Gulf Oil spill. If the ocean had a “Public Enemy #1” it would be BP.

Sure we can’t blame them for not trying to stop the GUSH OF CRUDE OIL SPILLING INTO THE GULF OF MEXICO AT ALARMING RATES EVERYDAY, after all the many failed attempts we have seen them make. You have to give’em credit for at least trying. :[ (crickets chirping in background.)

Special emphasis to be put on the failed. And many.

What we can blame them, and scream at them and accuse them of and so on and so on is being blinded by greed!!! That evil little monster that finds it’s way in everywhere, into all of our lives at one point or other. The devilish fiend that turned the heads of BPs’ eyes into big saucers of green seeking mirrors of money [ ($).($) ]


Ok enough of being childish. This is serious. Maybe if they hadn’t been so blind they would have had safety precautions ready or know how to deal with the events leading up to blast on the rig. Or maybe they realised that… HEY Maybe it isnt all that safe to drill way down deep where humans can’t get to, not even the best of the deep deep sea divers…

ANother thing we can accuse them of being is cowards. Haven’t you noticed it very hard to get news about the animal casualties and affirmative effects on the environment. The only site, the site of a wild life rescue organization had their information taken off the web after post stats about casualties, pressumed casualties, estimated casualties, total effects… now we are left in the dark.

Trying to figure out what to do. If we can do anything. Why is the Sierra Club not doing anything? Argh this is frustrating.

More later. I’ll try to see if there is anything or any information we can use.

Summer Skin Care

Ok, sorry if this bores any guys brave enough to read it, but hey, these wouldn’t be bad tips for you to follow either!

anyways so BASICLY my friend asked me to put up another post, even though I know she hasn’t read all of the old ones even and wonder if she has even been on yet since my last post went up… so anyways I decided to humor her. Only problem is, I dont really have a heck of a lot to write about. I’m more than half way done my history revision though I haven’t even started Chemistry yet, but (doing breathing exercises) I will stay calm…. (continues breathing exercises…) I don’t get too stressed out about tests anyways… Just so long as I have my special good luck charm I’m good.

Well it’s not so much a good luck charm as a “Have-confidence-and-go-with-your-first-instinct” charm. I tend to do well and be calmer and more capable of living by my philosophies when I’m wearing it because it keeps me conscious of them. hmmm I will have to write a post about them some day… (problem is there are so many so not today since I’ve got more revision on hold).

Anyways (I tend to use that a lot, I know…*sigh* what can ya do?*shrug*)  I wanted to take some care of my skin today. I tend to have good skin, I take after my dad unlike my mom, and where as my dad never had particularly supple skin as a teenager because he didn’t take care of it (apparently- Don’t worry, I dont have a time machine I’m not telling you about :P) he, regardless, rarely got blemishes or pimples. Now though my skin town is totally alien, my texture seems pretty similar to that. Despite my freckles and tendency to go red after being in the sun for 5 minutes or walking for three regardless of whether I’m sunburnt or tired or not… my skin is just annoyingly translucent so it shows really strongly whenever my heart starts pumping blood even slightly harder…

Ok, so unfortunately I do not have any remedies for that, and not even tanning works because my skin will not hold a tan EVER! But I do have some tips for clear, soft skin! Guys, seriously, it might be a blow to your manliness to take these tips, but a guy with a clean face is so much more attractive… I mean even a guy in a dress shirt with a clean crisp outfit is more attractive than a guy that looks cool but like a slob. The cleaner you are, the more care you seem to take of yourself, the more we feel you will take care of us… Thats why a guy with a good body is also more attractive, because it means he obviously spends time on himself, and hence if he loved us he would spend twice as much time on us (though there is a bit of our pre programmed instinct to have a predisposition to strength coming to us from the days you would head butt and throw each other off cliffs to win out love… 😛 now adays we would rather a clean shirt and face than brute strength!)

So back to the tips I have… Ok so first of all let me describe the type of skin you will get from these tips. Though I can not promise that you will be as pale as me (not that you want to now when everyone risks their life to tan!) some of these tips have potentially bleaching properties, so if ever you do want pale skin, follow the ones i say will bleach it and go sit in the sun…

So you should get generally clearer skin, with fewer pimples, and the ones you will get on occasion should be much smaller and much less potent. The fact that you don’t have pimples often should also help your self esteem because even if someone has a zit, most people will not notice it unless you act like you have something to hid. So many girls will pull their bangs down to hide a zit they got BECAUSE of their bangs. Its really obvious then. SO if you dont get zits often then when you do you should just say to yourself, “What are the chances that today I will do something so memorable that everyone will remember the zit on my face?”  The idea (even though that sounds really pessimistic) that one day out of the BILLION people will see you, why should they remember such a relatively small detail will help you keep your chin up and your zit out of people’s radar! That’s the number one piece of advice anyone can give you!

For anyone who suffers from black heads, these will also help. I recently got a small outbreak of them, very small just on the tip of my nose, but started one of my tips and they are already diminishing.

Another great thing about these routines is that they are multi functional! But enough about this, why dont I just tell you already!

  1. VINEGAR!!! – Sure you will smell like a garden salad after wards but it is GREAT for your skin! Don’t put it on just as is or you risk doing damage! I suggest taking about a table spoon of apple cider vinegar and mixing with 1/2 to 1 table spoon water. Using a cotton ball dab this mixture all over your face! It is excellent! It will remove your black heads, decrease the swelling and draw out infections on your pimples and it will also exfoliate your skin of all those awful dead cells that cause all those problems. The final and best multi function of it? It tightens and draws in your pores. If you are having some serious problems with your skin and want to clean real deep boil some water and make an infusion using tea tree, eucalyptus or lavender essential oils. These will help to slough off all those dead cells. You should put your head 12 inches over the steam so you dont get hurt and sit like that with a large towel over your head. Stay as long as you can or as long as it is warm and steamy under the towel. THis would have opened up your pores BIG TIME so you can get deep while cleaning. Now you want to use a cleanser to get in and get the dirt out. Or you can go straight to the vinegar. Either way you want to end with the vinegar, leave it on for a few minutes and then rinse it off with COOL water! Not warm! warm will only open up your pores again, leaving them vulnerable to more dirt and oil. By using cool or cold water you further shut your pores. The PAT never rub, your face dry with with a clean towel. Its all about keeping it bacteria free, because even though the black of your black head is just your skin’s natural oils oxidizing after being trapped, your face wont secrete as much oil if your face is free of pathogens! If it is healthy you are healthy since it makes up a huge part of your body and is your best line of defense!
  2. Wile you can just use plain vinegar, most people don’t like the smell, so I suggest doing the above routine (^) at a time when you will not have to see other people soon. You can however use what this woman suggested “I’ve battled this problem with blackheads for years! Nothing worked. I was mixing some things at home for an at-home exfoliation treatment and come to find out, it treated my blackheads too! This is what i used: 3/4 medium-sized glass of filtered water, ultimate aloe whole leaf 100% aloe vera juice, 3 capfuls of apple cider vinegar, 1 tablespoon raw-wild honey, 1 thumb-sized portion of Clean & Clear continuous control acne cleanser. This is the best exfoliation treatment i have ever used, it cleared away my blackheads, made my pores smaller and left my face soooooooo smooth! Sloughed off all my dead skin and left my face wonderfully soft and ready for my serums and moisturizers to work. I’m 47, and let me tell you, i’ve tried just about every thing on the market. Try this..i loved it!” I haven’t had a chance to try all of what she suggested yet, because i can not find the aloe vera juice, but I have tried the rest as is, and can say it is very effective!
  3. Now how about just a regular in the shower cleanse? First of all, if you are going to be washing your face in the shower, take advantage of the steam to open up your pores!  I suggest washing your hair first, and then washing your face. Turn the shower to cold for a minute and freeze your face shut. Do so again just before leaving as most likely the moisture would have opened them up again even if you use a moderate temp.
  4. What if I just want to use an astringent to feel fresh after a work out? what with the heat coming too this is a popular sentiment. You want to feel clean and fresh but its such a hassle sometimes to give your self a full facial wash, and if you are anything like me you would make a mess at the bathroom sink. Sure, go ahead and use an astringent, especially if you dont have time to wash your face before applying make-up cuase you never want to wear a mask with a sweaty face right? Imagine how bad it would be afterwards! But what do I, the nature, organic, be as self sufficient as possible in a modern environment freak use? Well of course the vinegar though I dont like to use it that often, and it is GREAT to feel fresh in the summer. However for frequent use I use Witch hazel oil. I know you can make an astringent out of it, but its much more perishable, and the pure thing works just as well. Just put a bit on a cotton ball and swipe over your face!
  5. What can I eat/drink for healthy skin? Your skin is primarily water. So you want to constantly have enough fluid to both act as a solvent for the reactions constantly happening throughout our bodies as well as flushing out toxins from our skin and body. When you have pollution you need diffusion. So keeping hydrated will help, but drinking green tea will also help a because they are a great anti oxidant. Anything with Vitamin A, B, C, D or E will also help you too! Most products have retinol in them which is basicly just vit. A. You should have listened to your mom when she told you to eat your carrots! A lot of prob;ems you will have with your skin will probably stem from a deffinciency in any of these vitamins and heres why: C works well with A, D and B help with the absorbtion of them both, and E helps aid the storage capacity of the liver, meaning you will be able to use more of what you take in. Vitamin D you can not consume, so get out into the sun! (finally a good reason to tan though its no reason to forget sunscreen!)
  6. Basic tips you really NEED to follow no matter what:
  • Always pat your face dry with a clean towel. Use a separate towel for body, hair and face.
  • Always use as natural or mild a cleanser or astringent you can.
  • Always use a moisturizer after wards.
  • Never forget to wash and cleanse your neck! Its part of your face, not torso and the skin is as delicate as your face!
  • Always use products with as few ingredients as possible.  Same thing goes for shampoos. And my philosophy? If you can not pronounce it, or don’t know what it is(refering to an ingrediant) DO NOT USE IT! Especially if there is anything with Sodium something or other. You do not want to be putting chemicals down the drain or on your body, especially in our skin! Thats an invitation for sickeness and bad hair and skin. Sodium something or other like chemicals are often used in shampoos. They are the most harmful chemicals you can wash down your drain for the environment. FYI if something is bad for the environment just imagine how bad it is for you. DO you know what the purpose of these chemicals are? Merely to make your shampoo lather. Nothing else. They can be completely done without!
  • Another chemical you do not want anywhere near you is anything that will help bleach your skin. once again, though people want dark skin now, they do not want the sun spots that come with them, so they use bleachers. Though you might want some natural bleaching for scars you can do this using citric juice, and even vinegar or cucumber juice. Also would you pour the hydrogen peroxide of a hair salon down the drain? I think not! The chemicals I have told you to avoid are believed to be highly carcinogenic, meaning they can lead to cancer. Maybe now you will realise that whats bad for the environment is really just as bad for you!
  • Once again when it comes to moisturizers keep natural.
  • Always take off makeup completely before washing your face. If you are opening up your pores to clean them out, while you have junk on your face, that junk is just going to be pushed inside them instead of anythign coming out.
  • Always wash face after using make up remover. I know this basicly sounds like the reverse of what I just said, but consider make up removers one of the chemicals you are alowed to use. You want to use it fully, rub it in (not too hard) to get everything off. But most likely it woudl then have gone places you dont want it. Namely in your pores so YOU have to get it out!
  • Always exfoliate GENTLY! You want to get the dead cells off and out of the way so they dont clogg your pores, but at the same time you do not want to pluck away the premature cells and leave yourself a victim of self scaring!
  • Never leave the house wihtout at least SPF 15 sunscreen on. When your body starts using more retinol, your skin becomes more susecptible to burns so even just passing about outside throughout the day may cause you to burn. Also, if you want to not cover up from head to toe, so as to get some of that lovely VIt. D, you won’t feel guilty about a bit of pausing to absorb and work on your pree summer tan!
  • All your skin care products should be oil free, water based (except for sunscreen- here they higher the spf the better is the rule of thumb though remind me to talk about that later! theres some more you need to know!) aswell as scent and colour free!

A soap I love to use is MEY. It is really great. Quite organinc, and its been aroudn for a while with a consistent recipe so you know it is safe. I know a woman who is now 60 and has been using it since she was 15 and she has the best skin I have ever seen on anyone. And she rarely ever wears makeup so just letting you know its no illusion! All the Avenee products are great too, I especially love their after sun’s.

Now just to clarify a few points, why is everything about your pores? Your skin is your first line of defense.  We want as little getting past there as possible. So we need to keep the gates closed! Your pores are litterally tiny holes, gateways through your skin. Leave them healthy or open or clogged and the way is free for pathogens and dust to infect you. Try putting a sponge under a stream of water. It goes right through right? Now use a plastic bag. No leek right? The germs and particles you dont want are the water and your skin is the bag/sponge. Well hopefully its not literally either! Though a natural sea sponge is great to use to exfoliate gently!

Why did you title this summer skin care? Because during the extreme months, in other words the winter and summer we need to take extra care of our skin. People tend to go tan crazy and ignore their skin’s health. They slather make up to hide shiny skin when they aren’t cleansing, they wear tanning lotion instead of sunscreen and they let the salt, wind and sun take its toll! Not only will this have an immediate short term impact on your skin but it will aslo scar you, leaving you with skin cancer 20 years down the line. Its as easy as buying a colour and perfume free moisturiser with spf 20. 4 birds with one stone!

Well thats enough for now! I have to run!

More later chikadees! Email me or comment if you want more specific info!