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Summer Skin Care

Ok, sorry if this bores any guys brave enough to read it, but hey, these wouldn’t be bad tips for you to follow either!

anyways so BASICLY my friend asked me to put up another post, even though I know she hasn’t read all of the old ones even and wonder if she has even been on yet since my last post went up… so anyways I decided to humor her. Only problem is, I dont really have a heck of a lot to write about. I’m more than half way done my history revision though I haven’t even started Chemistry yet, but (doing breathing exercises) I will stay calm…. (continues breathing exercises…) I don’t get too stressed out about tests anyways… Just so long as I have my special good luck charm I’m good.

Well it’s not so much a good luck charm as a “Have-confidence-and-go-with-your-first-instinct” charm. I tend to do well and be calmer and more capable of living by my philosophies when I’m wearing it because it keeps me conscious of them. hmmm I will have to write a post about them some day… (problem is there are so many so not today since I’ve got more revision on hold).

Anyways (I tend to use that a lot, I know…*sigh* what can ya do?*shrug*)¬† I wanted to take some care of my skin today. I tend to have good skin, I take after my dad unlike my mom, and where as my dad never had particularly supple skin as a teenager because he didn’t take care of it (apparently- Don’t worry, I dont have a time machine I’m not telling you about :P) he, regardless, rarely got blemishes or pimples. Now though my skin town is totally alien, my texture seems pretty similar to that. Despite my freckles and tendency to go red after being in the sun for 5 minutes or walking for three regardless of whether I’m sunburnt or tired or not… my skin is just annoyingly translucent so it shows really strongly whenever my heart starts pumping blood even slightly harder…

Ok, so unfortunately I do not have any remedies for that, and not even tanning works because my skin will not hold a tan EVER! But I do have some tips for clear, soft skin! Guys, seriously, it might be a blow to your manliness to take these tips, but a guy with a clean face is so much more attractive… I mean even a guy in a dress shirt with a clean crisp outfit is more attractive than a guy that looks cool but like a slob. The cleaner you are, the more care you seem to take of yourself, the more we feel you will take care of us… Thats why a guy with a good body is also more attractive, because it means he obviously spends time on himself, and hence if he loved us he would spend twice as much time on us (though there is a bit of our pre programmed instinct to have a predisposition to strength coming to us from the days you would head butt and throw each other off cliffs to win out love… ūüėõ now adays we would rather a clean shirt and face than brute strength!)

So back to the tips I have… Ok so first of all let me describe the type of skin you will get from these tips. Though I can not promise that you will be as pale as me (not that you want to now when everyone risks their life to tan!) some of these tips have potentially bleaching properties, so if ever you do want pale skin, follow the ones i say will bleach it and go sit in the sun…

So you should get generally clearer skin, with fewer pimples, and the ones you will get on occasion should be much smaller and much less potent. The fact that you don’t have pimples often should also help your self esteem because even if someone has a zit, most people will not notice it unless you act like you have something to hid. So many girls will pull their bangs down to hide a zit they got BECAUSE of their bangs. Its really obvious then. SO if you dont get zits often then when you do you should just say to yourself, “What are the chances that today I will do something so memorable that everyone will remember the zit on my face?”¬† The idea (even though that sounds really pessimistic) that one day out of the BILLION people will see you, why should they remember such a relatively small detail will help you keep your chin up and your zit out of people’s radar! That’s the number one piece of advice anyone can give you!

For anyone who suffers from black heads, these will also help. I recently got a small outbreak of them, very small just on the tip of my nose, but started one of my tips and they are already diminishing.

Another great thing about these routines is that they are multi functional! But enough about this, why dont I just tell you already!

  1. VINEGAR!!! – Sure you will smell like a garden salad after wards but it is GREAT for your skin! Don’t put it on just as is or you risk doing damage! I suggest taking about a table spoon of apple cider vinegar and mixing with 1/2 to 1 table spoon water. Using a cotton ball dab this mixture all over your face! It is excellent! It will remove your black heads, decrease the swelling and draw out infections on your pimples and it will also exfoliate your skin of all those awful dead cells that cause all those problems. The final and best multi function of it? It tightens and draws in your pores. If you are having some serious problems with your skin and want to clean real deep boil some water and make an infusion using tea tree, eucalyptus or lavender essential oils. These will help to slough off all those dead cells. You should put your head 12 inches over the steam so you dont get hurt and sit like that with a large towel over your head. Stay as long as you can or as long as it is warm and steamy under the towel. THis would have opened up your pores BIG TIME so you can get deep while cleaning. Now you want to use a cleanser to get in and get the dirt out. Or you can go straight to the vinegar. Either way you want to end with the vinegar, leave it on for a few minutes and then rinse it off with COOL water! Not warm! warm will only open up your pores again, leaving them vulnerable to more dirt and oil. By using cool or cold water you further shut your pores. The PAT never rub, your face dry with with a clean towel. Its all about keeping it bacteria free, because even though the black of your black head is just your skin’s natural oils oxidizing after being trapped, your face wont secrete as much oil if your face is free of pathogens! If it is healthy you are healthy since it makes up a huge part of your body and is your best line of defense!
  2. Wile you can just use plain vinegar, most people don’t like the smell, so I suggest doing the above routine (^) at a time when you will not have to see other people soon. You can however use what this woman suggested “I’ve battled this problem with blackheads for years! Nothing worked. I was mixing some things at home for an at-home exfoliation treatment and come to find out, it treated my blackheads too! This is what i used: 3/4 medium-sized glass of filtered water, ultimate aloe whole leaf 100% aloe vera juice, 3 capfuls of apple cider vinegar, 1 tablespoon raw-wild honey, 1 thumb-sized portion of Clean & Clear continuous control acne cleanser. This is the best exfoliation treatment i have ever used, it cleared away my blackheads, made my pores smaller and left my face soooooooo smooth! Sloughed off all my dead skin and left my face wonderfully soft and ready for my serums and moisturizers to work. I’m 47, and let me tell you, i’ve tried just about every thing on the market. Try this..i loved it!” I haven’t had a chance to try all of what she suggested yet, because i can not find the aloe vera juice, but I have tried the rest as is, and can say it is very effective!
  3. Now how about just a regular in the shower cleanse? First of all, if you are going to be washing your face in the shower, take advantage of the steam to open up your pores!  I suggest washing your hair first, and then washing your face. Turn the shower to cold for a minute and freeze your face shut. Do so again just before leaving as most likely the moisture would have opened them up again even if you use a moderate temp.
  4. What if I just want to use an astringent to feel fresh after a work out? what with the heat coming too this is a popular sentiment. You want to feel clean and fresh but its such a hassle sometimes to give your self a full facial wash, and if you are anything like me you would make a mess at the bathroom sink. Sure, go ahead and use an astringent, especially if you dont have time to wash your face before applying make-up cuase you never want to wear a mask with a sweaty face right? Imagine how bad it would be afterwards! But what do I, the nature, organic, be as self sufficient as possible in a modern environment freak use? Well of course the vinegar though I dont like to use it that often, and it is GREAT to feel fresh in the summer. However for frequent use I use Witch hazel oil. I know you can make an astringent out of it, but its much more perishable, and the pure thing works just as well. Just put a bit on a cotton ball and swipe over your face!
  5. What can I eat/drink for healthy skin? Your skin is primarily water. So you want to constantly have enough fluid to both act as a solvent for the reactions constantly happening throughout our bodies as well as flushing out toxins from our skin and body. When you have pollution you need diffusion. So keeping hydrated will help, but drinking green tea will also help a because they are a great anti oxidant. Anything with Vitamin A, B, C, D or E will also help you too! Most products have retinol in them which is basicly just vit. A. You should have listened to your mom when she told you to eat your carrots! A lot of prob;ems you will have with your skin will probably stem from a deffinciency in any of these vitamins and heres why: C works well with A, D and B help with the absorbtion of them both, and E helps aid the storage capacity of the liver, meaning you will be able to use more of what you take in. Vitamin D you can not consume, so get out into the sun! (finally a good reason to tan though its no reason to forget sunscreen!)
  6. Basic tips you really NEED to follow no matter what:
  • Always pat your face dry with a clean towel. Use a separate towel for body, hair and face.
  • Always use as natural or mild a cleanser or astringent you can.
  • Always use a moisturizer after wards.
  • Never forget to wash and cleanse your neck! Its part of your face, not torso and the skin is as delicate as your face!
  • Always use products with as few ingredients as possible.¬† Same thing goes for shampoos. And my philosophy? If you can not pronounce it, or don’t know what it is(refering to an ingrediant) DO NOT USE IT! Especially if there is anything with Sodium something or other. You do not want to be putting chemicals down the drain or on your body, especially in our skin! Thats an invitation for sickeness and bad hair and skin. Sodium something or other like chemicals are often used in shampoos. They are the most harmful chemicals you can wash down your drain for the environment. FYI if something is bad for the environment just imagine how bad it is for you. DO you know what the purpose of these chemicals are? Merely to make your shampoo lather. Nothing else. They can be completely done without!
  • Another chemical you do not want anywhere near you is anything that will help bleach your skin. once again, though people want dark skin now, they do not want the sun spots that come with them, so they use bleachers. Though you might want some natural bleaching for scars you can do this using citric juice, and even vinegar or cucumber juice. Also would you pour the hydrogen peroxide of a hair salon down the drain? I think not! The chemicals I have told you to avoid are believed to be highly carcinogenic, meaning they can lead to cancer. Maybe now you will realise that whats bad for the environment is really just as bad for you!
  • Once again when it comes to moisturizers keep natural.
  • Always take off makeup completely before washing your face. If you are opening up your pores to clean them out, while you have junk on your face, that junk is just going to be pushed inside them instead of anythign coming out.
  • Always wash face after using make up remover. I know this basicly sounds like the reverse of what I just said, but consider make up removers one of the chemicals you are alowed to use. You want to use it fully, rub it in (not too hard) to get everything off. But most likely it woudl then have gone places you dont want it. Namely in your pores so YOU have to get it out!
  • Always exfoliate GENTLY! You want to get the dead cells off and out of the way so they dont clogg your pores, but at the same time you do not want to pluck away the premature cells and leave yourself a victim of self scaring!
  • Never leave the house wihtout at least SPF 15 sunscreen on. When your body starts using more retinol, your skin becomes more susecptible to burns so even just passing about outside throughout the day may cause you to burn. Also, if you want to not cover up from head to toe, so as to get some of that lovely VIt. D, you won’t feel guilty about a bit of pausing to absorb and work on your pree summer tan!
  • All your skin care products should be oil free, water based (except for sunscreen- here they higher the spf the better is the rule of thumb though remind me to talk about that later! theres some more you need to know!) aswell as scent and colour free!

A soap I love to use is MEY. It is really great. Quite organinc, and its been aroudn for a while with a consistent recipe so you know it is safe. I know a woman who is now 60 and has been using it since she was 15 and she has the best skin I have ever seen on anyone. And she rarely ever wears makeup so just letting you know its no illusion! All the Avenee products are great too, I especially love their after sun’s.

Now just to clarify a few points, why is everything about your pores? Your skin is your first line of defense.  We want as little getting past there as possible. So we need to keep the gates closed! Your pores are litterally tiny holes, gateways through your skin. Leave them healthy or open or clogged and the way is free for pathogens and dust to infect you. Try putting a sponge under a stream of water. It goes right through right? Now use a plastic bag. No leek right? The germs and particles you dont want are the water and your skin is the bag/sponge. Well hopefully its not literally either! Though a natural sea sponge is great to use to exfoliate gently!

Why did you title this summer skin care? Because during the extreme months, in other words the winter and summer we need to take extra care of our skin. People tend to go tan crazy and ignore their skin’s health. They slather make up to hide shiny skin when they aren’t cleansing, they wear tanning lotion instead of sunscreen and they let the salt, wind and sun take its toll! Not only will this have an immediate short term impact on your skin but it will aslo scar you, leaving you with skin cancer 20 years down the line. Its as easy as buying a colour and perfume free moisturiser with spf 20. 4 birds with one stone!

Well thats enough for now! I have to run!

More later chikadees! Email me or comment if you want more specific info!

Baking time

Well it has been pretty warm lately, summer has been coming! That means we’ve been eating more ice cream and baking less unfortunately. The entire house just heats up way too much as soon as you put the oven on! However, right now I’m the only ones home, (plus the dogs but they get to sleep on the cool shady floor- jealousy) so therefore without any one here to complain about the heat I will do some baking! And of course share the recipe de jour (well week now I guess) with all of you!

Ok, so I go to our kitchen bookshelf (we have a bookshelf in pretty much every room of the house each with different genres and such) and take down the Williams-Sonoma baking book. We have the baking and Italian cooking one and use both all the time.

Anyways, I turn to my favourite two pages and am immediately struck by a dilemma. which to make!? Snickerdoodles or oldfashioned oatmeal cookies!? they are both sooo good! Its so hard to choose, so I thought of you guys. Which would you rather hear about? I came to the conclusion that probably you all have at least one oatmeal cookie recipe from Grandma (maybe not granny but its soo easy to get a hold of a good one) and it took me ages to find this good, reliable snickerdoodle recipe, and some of you might not even know them, so that made up my choice.Hope you all agree with my decision.

So, without further ado, I present to you (rhyme… ūüėõ ) SNICKERDOODLES!


2 table spoons plus 3/4 cup sugar (6 oz or185 g)

2 teaspoons ground cinnamon

1 1/3 cups all purpose flour (plain) (5 1/2 oz or 170g)

1 teaspoon cream of tartar 1/2 teaspoon baking soda (bicarbonate of soda)

pinch of salt

1/2 cup butter, softened ( 4 oz or 125 g)

1 egg

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract or essence


Pre heat oven to 400 degrees F (200 degrees C)

In a bowl, stir together the 2 tablespoons of sugar and the cinnamon. Set aside. In another bowl, whisk together the flour, cream of tartar, baking soda, and salt. Set aside

In a large bowl, combine the butter, the 3/4 cup of sugar, egg and canilla. With an ellectric mixer set on medium-high speed, beat until the mixture is smooth and well blended. Reduce the speed to low, add the flur mixture, and continue to mix just until incorporated (the worst mistake normally occurs here. People tend to over beat the mixture, I have done it many times. It just doesn’t bake the same so as soon as it is blended¬† shut it off!)

Roll 1 rounded teaspoonful of dough between your palms into a ball. Roll the ball in the cinnamon-sugar mixture. Put the sugar coated ball on an un-greased baking sheet (though you may put a sheet of parchment paper underneath if you like), spacing the balls 2 inches (5 cm) apart on the baking sheet. Repeat with the remaining dough and a second baking sheet.

Bake until round, flat and a light golden brown, should be 8-10 minutes. Transfer the baking sheets to wire racks and let cool for 1-2 minutes. Using a metal spatula, transfer the cookies to the racks to cool completely.

Bon appetit! (you should get about 2 dozen allowing for size of cookies)

These are great recipes for the fall too. The rich cinnamon flavour is perfect for autumn in New York or even Christmas time. I normally wouldn’t have had them at this time of year, but as soon as I saw the recipe I realised how long it had been and I had a huge craving so they are in the oven as we speak (or as I type rather…)

In the book there is a little piece about the cookies, a description I guess. I’ll write the tid bit here:

“A cinnamon-and-sugar topping distinguishes these classic cookies. Served warm with a tall glass of cold milk, they make a favourite after-noon snack. Store cream of tartar, tightly covered for up to 1 year)

Ok, well I have never left the cream of tartar for so long, because we always find another use for it, especially around the holiday season, so I dont know what to tell you there, but the rest is all too. They are great morning noon or night, with milk they are superb! They are also great if you freeze a batch and then take them out just as you need. I’ll probably do that with half of this batch because during the summer my sister and brothers and I love to eat them still frozen! They are just as good as when they are warm, and still just as deliciously chewy!

I’ve just been looking through some of the other recipes. I’ve forgotten how many great ones there were! Next time maybe the Cinnamon-Chocolate Chip refrigerator cookies (we also like to freeze these… :P) or the Othellos are great. There are some good biscoti recipes and a nice one (though not my favourite) recipe for walnut cardamom viennese crescents… Or of course I could give the delish Peanut butter cup cookies… oooh! Just caught site of the chocolate Fudge Squares… yummmo! but those are really great for the holdiay season! There are so many that are perfect for that time of year I think I will have to put up a seperate one each day for a month or two to get them all to you!

Also is anyone a carrot cake fan but allergic to nuts? I have a great on for nut free carrot cake and a lot of other recipies where nuts or dried fruit are optional because I prefer my baked goods to be clean… so to speak (I’ll explain another day) And so if anyone wants that, I’ll put it up.

From any sugestions I’ve given, if there is one you would like to see, leave a comment. Or if you like… say coffee and want a recipe involving it (I have a great coffee cake recipe and another for esspresso-spice cheesecake) or if you like almonds, or anything of the like… Or if you would rather a recipe for something more… healthy or trailmix type…¬† there are some great bread recipes int he book. THeres a Vegetable Nut bread (which actually turned out surprisingly appetizing, despite looking moldy), pistachio-olive bread, honey nut bread (i like this quite a bit if I either dont put the nuts or finely grind them in a food processor) and countless other great recipes…

I would put them all up, but its so time consuming I’d hate to put one no one would use. Especially now that they are all done I should get back to my history revision… (nearly done those exams! Only English literature- sorry bout the rants on the books last time, history and chemistry- which I still haven’t started for…)

This summer however, I will probably be able to write many more posts, and possibly if the recipes still get as good reception I’ll put up more more often. DUring the summer we are all so active that me and my sister will normally bake something either the night before (or one of those over night recipes where you leave it in the fridge over night and then just harden and cut in the morning) or get up early to bake before anyone’s up. We have a great habit of stuffing something in the oven and going for a jog around the block a few times before stopping back in and taking it out of the oven. We can proudly say only once did something burn on us… ANyways my point being, becuase we are so active, going to the beach, biking, playing volley ball and soccer (and dancing for me) as well as our weekend adventures rock climbing or hiking we HAVE to make things more… healthy because we wil be eating them so much. So bye bye christmas triple chocolate cupcakes and hello Strawberry orange, Orange Yogurt, and bran muffins. :S not that they are that bad but… we do have to purge on the fresh summer fruit to get our summer sweet kicks…

Sometimes we end up in Europe, Greece, Italy or Spain for our summers visiting family or traveling, so we really take advantage of the fruit which is always so great and fresh! Unfortunately I have yet to recipe that uses fresh watermellon or fresh cherries in a baked good. Normally fruit needs to be dried…

Oh boy, people are gonna start getting home soon and I’m still not at my goal for history revision. Better leave the cyber world and get back to the physical world. I think i prefer the 2-D world of computers… life is so much easier, I mean there are undo buttons and everything…*sigh*

Don’t forget, all comments welcome and you can email me if you have any suggestions or requests:

3 down 3 to go

Nearly there… ok half way there with a week end in between. Exams, thou shall not conquer me! (and advice to anyone who stresses over a test: Exams shall not conquer thee!) Seriously, its only an exam. Its not the end of the world (yet- when you are in grade 12 then you can stress. but still guys CHILAX!) and sorry to break it to ya Stressermans (hehe pun because I’ve been doing history revision on my Germany Depth Study- and yes, i know i spelt it wrong to fit the pun…) but the world? this lovely little planet we live on? Yeah it keeps on turning weather you make a booboo on your test, break a nail, hand in a homework late or for some of you *gasp* even if you make a, dare I say? Fashion Faux Pas!?!?! dun dun duhhhhhh!

Well anyways, we just finished a very long day of art exams. Six hours today, though next year it will be 10, TEN, hours of art work for our exam… swell… Ill put up a pic of my piece, though I didn’t manage to finish it yet because I had another exam that I had to do aswell for art of the day, and I missed some of the other lessons we used before the exam to work on it for other exams too. But luckily, I am granted extra time.

ANyways, tomorrow is another day packed with three exams, but monday, thankfully, I only have one in the morning, which means I can walk home (my sister will be joining me two hours later) but no rest for the weary. Oh no, I have MORE to revise. History and CHemistry. I know I;ve said before, but once again, my two most stressfull… most ANNOYING becuase they are so fiddly (if you get what I mean) subjects. They are both just sooo tedious and revision for them is sooo… tiring not to mention boring. Its practicly an invitation for your mind to wander…

Oh well at least I have the weekend! Right? I also have two halves of books to re read. Well on half and one very short one to skim read. I have a pretty good memory for books (I like to think that I have hardly forgotten a story- yeah maybe i forget the title, author or cover but the story sticks with me- since first grade when they read us “Poppy and Rye” by Avi. I Loved that book and the others that followed or preceded it.)

So really, since I have actually read both books unlike most of my classmates (ok half of my classmates) and understood them on a deeper level and done all the work I had on them myself, I have ALOT less work to do for the English Lit exam.

BTW the books are two really borring really depressing really… not-so-nice-I-can-understand-why-they-didnt-want-to-read-them, type books. They are “The Hand Maid’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood (Gah what a horrible book- though I realise that I actually find reading distopian fiction gratifying and strangely enjoyed it on some level. I think I liked the deepre material, the historical refrences and the fact that it actuallly engaged my whole mind. It was however a good book to use to put me to sleep where as normally reading invigorates me, I sleep better after being aptly depressed by Ms. Atwood. Thank you for that!) and “ETHSN FROME” by Edith Wharton. ANother horrible, depressing, WAKE UP people books. Its one of those books where what happens is so obvious and the characters are soo bloody annoying (especially Mattie) that you just want to jump into the book and SLAP them and scream at them to wake up and smell the coffee. He loves her, she loves him, he is married, she is stupid, wife is sick, well not really just wants attention for once in her life, actually the only character i empathise with (think I might do the empathy question in the exam…hmmm…) But I still want to slap her too… no i dont. Shes too skinny and frail and sickly, if i did she woudl probably have an heart attack….

I also want to tell Wharton to wake up and get out of the marriage she was in when writting the book becuase her character really is Ethan for thats the position she is in.

Except I’m not crazy, and she is dead, and I believe in living in the present.

Ok, I better go refresh myself on my biology for tomorrow.

Nighty night everyone. Don’t let the bed bugs bite!

(that reminds me… I woke up today, to find my dog, on my bed (which she isnt normally becuase I dont let her) licking, no not my feet, no not my hand, no not my face… but my arm pit… seriously what goes through her head? it doesnt even make sense! Normally she has a fascination with my legs. And my mom had called my phone cause she had already left, and she actually said “Honey, you sound confused whats wrong did I wake you?” I said yeah she had woken me, but what I was trying to figure out was why the hell my dog was licking my armpit… shes never done something so disgusting before. Ok she licks my moms feet, but I understand that somehow even though they smell wretched! But Ive never heard of a dog licking an arm pit. Whats worse though is that she then preceded to try and lick my face… MEGA SUPER EeEeEeEeEeEeWwWwWwWwWww!!!!!!!! No way was I letting her get anny where near my face after that. it just felt sooo… well, ew. I cant think of another way to put it. I mean I had just taken a shower too so its not like I was all sweaty but still, its just the idea.

Anyways I felt really bad after that cause she looked heart so down heartened when I pushe her away from my face that I just had to give her a kiss on her head (she has this spot ont he top of her head that is perfet for pecks) and give her a nuzzle. I try to treat her like a dog. So I nuzzle her head under neath my chin, mixing our scents if we had scent glands (she does, I dont) but she still seems closest to me of the family becuase the rest treat her as a pet not a peer, and a daughter and a sister and a niece and a cousing both older and younger al rolled into one….

Ok now I really am exhausted.

I hope I dont find her licking me there again tomorrow morning… :S


Not much is going to be going up for the next week or so… My end of year exams start this Wednesday and we end next Tuesday.

That means, unfortunately, fewer posts, fewer email, and less communications with my over seas friends… Sorry guys, I’ll be back sooner than you know it.

Needless to say, however that this period is so crucial because I really don’t feel prepared for some of my exams. History, chemistry, still need a lot of work, and physics and geography not as much but I’d still like to give them some attention.

Gography and physics, for me, are the second and third exams, so I better work on them alot today and tonight… History and chemistry are my last two exams.

Lucky me…


My violin

bored backstage at the concert two weeks ago

I do not know about you guys (*hint hint- feel free to tell me) but I can not concentrate well with OUT music on!¬† I tend to like all music except for what most people like, haha. In other words I’m the salmon swiming against the stream most of the time. I stick to what I like, and that includes everything except for generally rap, pop, and thats about it. I love classical music, I love jazz, I love show tunes, I love Rock, Metal (heavy and melodic) and I love punk. I tend to like the older stuff more.

This morning I woke up to some LOVELY music. I had set my ipod alarm to play my most played list, so today I will introduce you to some of the artists on that list.

Romance 'n' Jazz

The poster for Steven Tsitsos' tour of Romance 'n' Jazz

1. First of all there is, possibly one of my favourite modern classical musicians (if that even makes sense) who also happens to be a good friend. His name is Steven Tsitsos. He recently started a you tube account and though as of today he only has a few videos up, they are all absolutely phenomenal (if he sees this he will laugh). When He asked my favourite I had to be honest. I couldn’t choose and still can’t! They are all just so beautiful. The three part of ‘Affairs of the Heart’ are all astoundingly beautiful, but the songs for percussion and orchestra are beautiful, fun, and receive more views in general, and I particularly like the Prague segment of these. Check them all out at his channel here:

I hope you enjoy!

2. A wonderful Canadian star Michael Buble reaches heights of supremacy on my I-pod play lists. Ok that might parcially be because I was dancing to one of his songs and listened to it over and over again, but I still love his music. And the music video was very fun too. Here it is:

The song I danced to was Cry Me a River. I did a little jazz number en pointe, but sadly it did not end well. I had some…technical difficulties. I hadn’t practiced much for it since my ballet exam was coming up soon as well. First the pointe shoes came half off… then one tore! Haha¬† it didnt go well but for once, I am still able to listen to a song after having performed to it. here it is on Youtube:

3. Another group I love is Weather report. I danced to them a few years ago, the 1min 30 second dance turned into an impromptu improvisational piece when the uncut version was played. Luckily it was a solo and I managed the full 7 minutes, though my mom was near having a heart attack and was ready to pull me off stage when she saw I was tired. I had recently had a sore throat, perhaps from nerves, and when I got off stage, after the demanding jumps and pirouettes and the added stress of not knowing what was happening, I started coughing with my throat so sore, I needed to drink plenty of water before returning to the back stage duties I had helping out other dancers older and younger. They have too many songs to pic a favourite, so I will let you guys explore and make the decision for your self!

4. As for jazz… hmmm. Duke Ellington is pretty good (hahaha). And of course so is Count Basie. I love the song “April in Paris” that he did( Ella Fitzgerald is also amazing. I the album she did with Louis Armstrong. I strongly suggest you find it! But there are too many great Jazz musicians to choose from. The Dave Brubeck quartet is incredible. I was fortunate enough to see them in concert in the Terry Town concert hall, and meet Mr. and Mrs. Brubeck back stage as well. I know I already showed you Take Five, but his pieces “The A-Train” and “Blue Rondo a la Turk” are both incredible too. These guys just need to be mentioned: Thelonious Monk, Charles Mingus, Charlie Parker. Bird of course is possibly one of the BEST and most fundamental musicians of jazz.

I’ll have a think about any more of my favourite Jazz musicians. Tell me who you like too.The Essential Dave Brubeck

5. As for heavy metal, I love Kamelot. There are so many great metal bands, but I love the stories they tend to tell. Amon Amarth is good too. Most of the good metal bands seem to have references to stories. What my brothers and sister and I have figured out from our own experimentation is that Scandinavian, German and Polish metal is really good. Of course there is good metal from all over the world, but its up to you to find your own taste!

Well I’ve had an awful long break from studying. I better get going. More later dear Readers!!!

Mirella Rose

oh and P.S. If anyone wants to know more great Jazz Legends there is actually a book titled that, which has the best must have CD’s for any connoisseur of Jazz. Also, if you want to play jazz you MUST absolutely MUST get the Real Book. Years after being put together it is still in use and a powerful reference book for jazz musicians old and young. It has all the best songs of jazz from all composers. I don’t know if there is a CD of it, but the book itself is good to have!

OOOhhhh! well this is interesting…

I’ve been a lil’ bit busy trying to revise. Its late now and I’m just about to go to bed, (no school tomorrow but I want to wake up early, do some yoga and then do some other work besides revision before starting on my studies) and I saw some news.

First of all, the blogg is nearing its 150 view mark!! Whippy! Who would have ever thought it’d last so long. I’m very honest with you guys. I thought the world would think I was dead boring and only talked about things no one cared about. Seems like that’s not fully true.

Secondly, I have my first subscriber!!! Haha! Never thought that would happen! Its one person but they have subscribed to two posts, but thats still something! (though I have a suspicion it might be a friend of mine… hmmmm…)

Thirdly, Missy my dear, I got your message but I want to give you my full attention and am a bit spacey and tired right now (this was supposed to be fourth but I forgot what was supposed to be third…). I will respond in the morning and also send you an email to explain somethings. It took me a while to realise too.

OHHH! THats it! FOURTHLY! I will write a proper post in the morning. Perhaps even with some pictures for you guys. THis blogg is awfully blah so I will add some nice pics as well as a profile pic of myself. It ought to brighten it up a bit, right?

THough I like the black background, not only is it… bold but its also ecofriendly!!! (that should help any readers feel a TAD better about using the energy to begin with! Im a bit happy knowing that Im putting out another ecofriendly site). Of course I had inspiration from my FAVOURITE search engine:

Its just google, but in a black verison so all that horrible light isnt lost. Unfortunately you can not search for pictures on it… ūüė¶

Ok, I’m gonna be in trouble if I do not leave NOW (script trailing off cheesily like in a novel when the protagonist recieves a note but the writer of said note has been attacked or taken by surprise and does not finihs the sentence or even word though you all know the rest…)

Injustice reigns everywhere

Too mad to write today. A friend of mine (ok so shes not a very good friend and is rather annoying, but im oblidged. she doesnt have that many friends, and at least i can help her.) fractured a part of her foot last night. Her parents refused to take her to the hospital or even get her ice and she had to rely on her 9 year old sister to do so for her.

Most disgustingly though, she shouldnt have even broken it. She merely twisted her foot while going down the stairs, something I do at least once a week and I have never broken a bone. Sadly however she is very thin (though not anorexic, she just can’t get food) and as a result I believe her bones were left brittle and it merely snapped.

Also she was mad when walking down the stairs she says.

What do you do when you think your friend might be abused but you dont know how to help. I think about what happens to her and I can’t help but want to take her away from her family and force feed her. Her motor skills and cognitive functions are also sorely lacking as a result of what i believe to be malnutrition. Would you ever let your child come to school with nothing but an apple for the entire day and no money to buy food with either? Would you ever ground them for taking their hair down during the day? Especially if their other siblings which they have a lasting fued with tattle on them? Would you ever, ever make your child bike to the stationary store and buy their own school supplies with their own allowance when they live miles from a grocery store even?

Would you ever ever ever ever ever refuse to take your child for an x-ray if they are 16 and screaming and crying in pain? ANd her mother was down stairs having tea with a friend, and screamed at the daughter for making noise and over reacting while she was trying to enjoy herself? Would you ever, as a father, tell your child who is in so much pain ” Yeah, well there’s nothing we can do?” ? Would you ever make your child pay for their own crutches? Would you ever neglect them to the point that they go to the school nurse for a letter saying she needs an x ray? Or when she had nits, that she needed to stay home and wash her hair with certain shampoos to get rid of them?

Her situation has been bothering me for a few years now. Well two, thats as long as I’ve known her. She is horribly skinny. I fear she could break every bone in her body by just falling down!

I don’t know what to do. Her sister will throw a tantrum in the morning for her simply commenting on how she hadn’t been able to use the bathroom yet, and she gets in trouble for it. So much that despite the fact that her parents will be going to the school to drop off her 2 siblings, they will make her take the bus to and from school and tell her that they dont want to see her again for the rest of the day. I’m sorry but you DO NOT DO THAT TO YOUR CHILD! Not just because it is immoral, and counter productive, and she ends up having to walk quite a bit and also she ends up getting to school late and having to be careful when she gets home so as not to alert her parents.

I fear for her, and do not know what to do. I have spoken to my mother and she agrees.

I mean when a 16 year old girl is crying in her bed and you would rather attend to your own social life, you should not be a mother.

Advice plz

Some things Never Change

It seems to me, that after graduating from elementary school, every year is the same.

You start school, excited and hopeful, everything is hectic and… interesting. Then you get used to it.

Next the holiday season, always a busy busy hectic time of year for me. A couple of weeks before Christmas you can most certainly find me out of breathe, just keeping my head above water, being swamped by performances, exams, more performances, more exams, yet more exams, and oh yeah, those lovely little parties that we have to go to, even though we dont want to. You know, the office party type…

Then things calm down again. You get used to school again, after all the aches and pains of writting after going so long not doing so. By the times things are finally good… GUESS WHAT! More (dundundunnnnn!) EXAMS!!!!!!!!! Thats what I’m going through right now. THe concert, and performance era of the end of the year has passed, and now we just have the exams.

Its not so much the exams that I mind. I’m one of those students who keeps up with all the work when its done, like I pay attention in class and things sink in, so come exam time, for most subjects all I really have to do is refresh myself on what we did way back when in October or whenever. What I mind is the atmosphere at this time of year. Its full of suspense, and knowing that you should be doing (revising- I hate it for those few subjects that I really have to work for- if you must know, chemistry, physics and history) but knowing how desperately you should be doing something just makes you want to do it less… right? So instead I am writing to you guys at 10:40 pm after taking a shower, washing my hair, after having a ballet lesson, and jogging home… (yeah some other stuff happened in between… but I shan’t write about that here…) instead of revising, or more importantly- GETTING SOME SLEEP!

I probably won’t be able to sleep.

I can;t normally.

Just stay up late reading whatever I can. I love books. They are so phenomonal. THey are like a comforting good friend when you need them to be one, a wise teacher when you need them to be one, and best of all, they never get angry with you, or give you back talk, or get mad at you for giving them back talk, or even disagree with you… Ahhh, if only people were like books…

No I’m kiding, that would be one heck of a borring world, and I would hightail it out of there in a jiff!

I hope you guys find me as a friend or counsler when you need me to be one. I’m quite good at listening (or reading) so if anyone ever has any problems they would like advice on… or any oppinions, feel free to write! At my email:, or as a comment.

Well its late, and I have school tomorrow (another thing which, unfortunately, never changes). See the fact that it feels soo much like summer (it was boiling recently but now feels more like autumn) makes school all the worse cuase you feel like it should be over tomorrow, but yet you know hyou still have all these exams, and more to learn… *sigh* will we ever break free of this awful cycle?

I’m terribly sorry if this is considered a short post but I am also waking up at 6 tomorrow instead of 7, and it is now nearly 11 and my hair is nowhere near dry. Ugh and I suppose I should at least get ready for tomorrow. Yay! its wendsday! for me thats a good day, cause it means I basibly only have good lessons. Double history which is really interesting, then double chemistry (heavy load for the morning but after that things lighten up) which can be either really good or really bad and never in between… :(. in the afternoon I have double art then Double PE both of which tend to be good except when our teacher makes us do lots of warm up rather than excersises¬† or if we are outside…

*sigh* now I’m not kidding this time. I’m leaving. This blog thing is addictive even if no one reads it (ha! so its no one, not noone. sorry we had a discussion about this in art today, couldnt figure out which it was… since its nobody and someone and the likes).

Goodnight eveyone! I hope you are all doing better than I am. (sore back- ballet-‘nough said).

Tongue Tied

For once, I actually don’t know what to say. Nothing wants to come out. So this post probably won’t be a very compelling read for any of you out on the web. It’s been a while, though, so I feel obliged to write SOMETHING.

Well most of my friends are away this weekend. There is a program at our school for survival and camping and map reading and all of that Called the International Award (IA) and they do bronze and silver level at my school. I really wanted to join but my parents wouldn’t let me or my sister. Both our brothers did it though, one has completed the second level too. However my parents, my dad in particular think it unbecoming of a girl to go romping around the wild woods with a 6 pound bag and sleep in a tent. Even worse they both throw it at me that as a ballerina I have to protect my best assets… my feet. Now that is just horrible because on top of not pursuing ballet as a career they already made me give up all my favourite team sports to protect my feet!!! And it doesn’t matter that the IA program is right up my alley! I love camping, walking, physical exertion (nothing like sitting down at the end of the day completely exhausted from being completely active all day!) cooking and LIBERTY!!!!!!!! being surrounded by nature and sleeping under the stars is another thing.

Well this weekend they are all hiking the foot hills of the Cascade mountains. For the final trip, they are going to be in a different region with a lot of waterfalls and lakes around, and I’m aloud to go on that trip, so I’ll be spending all day on the lake shore for three days and sleeping there too with the stars as my canopy.

well more about that later…

I can’t focus, probably because I should be studying for exams right now. Why do we have to have everything piled up at once? I don’t really mind that much, there are only about 3 subjects I really have to worry about. That would be History, Chemistry and Maths. My art exam requires a lot of preliminary work, but the entire exam is 8 hours, and being art, its too subjective to really be able to worry about. All I can do is make sure that in 3 weeks time, when my exam comes round I have all my backing done and all my support work. We have to complete the one final piece and three pages of back up work and writing in the 8 hours. I’ve recently found that I really LOVE engraving! For the exam I will probably end up using some of them, spot colour techniques, and paint a background. I can’t wait to see how it turns out, and I will be sure to put a picture up on the blog when its done.

Ahh I better get off the web and into the real world again…*sigh*

Ohhh! Let’s go see what’s on T.V.!!!

Mirella Rose

Fight or Flight instinct

Which do you tend to follow more?
I can never choose.

I’m not talking about coming across a bear in the woods, or a bully in school (in which case I say fight however you might, so long as you can win it- yes, I know that sounds very… I don’t quite know how to put it, but I have a theory behind it. All for another time). No I’m talking about coming into conflict with someone we all know and love and wish we didn’t have to fight with but sometimes… Well sometimes it really can’t be avoided.

I just got into a fight with one of my best friends.
I think she’s wrong (therefore I’m right).
She thinks she’s right (therefore I’m wrong).

But he problem is, we are both so stubborn (she can’t deny that I got that from her) in our beliefs and unless you present either of us with proof as to the truth being other than what we are fighting for we simply will not turn the other way.

The problem is she has a reputation for certain things. All of which add up to her horrid stubbornness:

1. She has a very selective memory. So she remembers what she wants to remember and not what she doesn’t.

2. She has a reputation for twisting other people’s words. When you pair this with her selective memory (and hearing at times) she is very hard to deal with. (example: we were trying to find a store someone had suggested to her. They said it was down the street on the side of the same side as Store X. SHe remembered “it is right beside Store X”. the result? we wasted 45 minutes looking for it when I was insisting that we widen our search rather than treading and retreading the 100 or so meters maybe one of them was mistaken. SHe insisted that she had heard right (sure she might have, but does that mean she understood right? selective memory and that they had said what she thought they had said… I was right. lets just leave it at that. It was about a km down the road.)

3. She also has a habit of not giving you her full attention no matter what you are talking to her about, or when, or where. and her excuse: it wasn’t a good time, I was busy, couldn’t you see I obviously couldnt hear you properly? and then she twists around you words. Or you tell her you are going to your friend’s house after school tomorrow, she says what a wonderful idea it is and then tomorrow afternoon- GUESS WHAT! she’s freaking out cause she’s thought you have been kidnapped and then gets mad at you for going out without her permission or without letting her know at least where you would be.

Then again it doesn’t help that she worries a lot.

Anyways when we get into a fight everyone else makes themselves scarce. We all do it whenever anyone gets into a fight, no matter who or about what. Its kinda like “Let them work it out and grow stronger together through it, ON THEIR OWN. LEave or risk having your head bitten of in hot blood”- an unspoken law in our household, as everyone knows to lay low and wait out the storm when they feel one brewing.

However when someone is asked to back someone else up, normally our parents go for one another, leaving the kids with the kids (not that I’m saying we are kids! We are all young adults, and act very much like it… most of the time). Not that even having the four of us agianst the two of them is much help either. Besides, we know both parties are equally biased so we don’t take any aid to account to much.

Anyways back to me. (I know this sounds really self centered…- wow deja-vu. just had to share that with you)

Anyways I always want to just walk away and let the storm blow over, tempers cool and then approach the issue in a more reasonable manor. sitting down, face to face, making sure we take turns talking because we never do…

But I also want to just stay and scream my head off at them. Gawd I hate being so stubborn sometimes.

So what do I do? Scream a little. Go take a shower (water makes me feel better. Idealy I would jump in a pool and just sit at the bottom until my heart had stopped racing and then surface- but closing my eyes and imagining a waterfall works too) and there I cry a bit (because I hate feeling the way I do then. If its bad enough to make me take a shower then it is bad. but most are. ANd I cry a bit in there too. Though I never really know if I’m crying or just sobbing.

Ironically enough the shower thing is another thing passed on through the female line in my family. My grandma always used to say that stepping out of the shower feels just like being reborn. Which I think a bit too. And yes, my mom says this all the time too. Hence the irony.

Next step, sensing when the time is right for both of you, not too soon or too long after the fight to talk sanely.

Well its getting late, she’s asleep and so I will be soon, hopefully and there you have it. More lemons thrown into the fruit cocktail that is my life.

About that, I know I promised more recipes, but here’s one for when the warm weather returns to those of us who are experiencing some near summer frosts. Take a large glass jar, or any sort of topped see through container to fill witha t least a liter of water. Place in it 4-5 (or more depending on volume of water) tea bags of your favourite selection (great opportunity to try mixing too!) Leave in a sunny spot all day long, you might have to move it with the sun. It needs at least 3 hours of good sunlight. But you should be able to tell when its ready. THe water is actually hot, if the colour dosen’t tell you enough!

Take out tea bags sqeezing tea from them for the extra deep flavour. MIx in however much sugar is to your taste. Refrigerate over night or ice. We do this all summer long and my personal favourite is Twigging Forest Berries tea. It is so refreshing made in a iced tea. And Believe me when I say my siblings and I LAUGHED when we saw commercials for NEW Twiggings iced tea. We’ve been doing it for years, sorry guys, beat ya to it. We just don’t have the money to advertise it all over the television.

Also another great use for those lemons. slice
em up and throw ’em in the jar.

There you have it, another entry in the diary that is this blog. I’m much more faithful seeing that someone is actually reading it where as my real journal, for my eyes only gets forgotten and prioritized against much to often.

Ok, I’ll try once more. GOOD NIGHT EVERYONE!

P.S. tell me what you think, fight or flight, in the comments.

P.P.S. Or you can contact me at my email: – or on Facebook at Mirella Rosaria.