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To dance? Or not to dance?

My mother’s sentiments for me,

mine for my child,

Our wishes for you, world.

Everyone should dance.

It’s as simple as that.

The world would be a better place if we all danced.

And sang.

Enough of the one line paragraphs. Now for real.

Ballet has hardly even stopped for a week and I’m already going insane! I need to dance!!! It’s a love that’s potent beyond belief. It’s passion.


With movements,





and triumph,


and hope,


and fragility,

Its a talent we are born with,

and fight to master.

It’s something we aspire to do.

And cry over when we dont succeed.

But it drives us further,

Into the abyss?

Into the light.

How can you not dance?

In sleep,

I dance.


I dance.


I dance.

and dead I am without dance.

But even dead, I dance.

With the stars.

Those shining stars who came before us and lit up the abyss with their enlightening ways.

Inspirational ways.

Momentuous ways.

Blinks through time.

The history of dance,

So long and vast,

Beautiful and enthralling,

Majestic and yet meager.

To live is to dance, and to dance is to live.

Ok, now for real. This is a question for any dancers out there. what is the best thing about dance. Whether its dancing, or right before you dance, or performing or right before you perform, what is it that you love most.

You don’t dance? ok fine. Then what is your favourite activity and what is the best thing about it.

Why do we love doing whatever it is that we love. I’m a dancer, and a writer.  For me its all about expression, communication and emotions. they all tie together. I love being able to know how I feel. I love the freedom of being able to express myself. I love knowing that I’m improving. Watching myself grow up and improve through pictures and videos from recitals and classes in the past, and through reading pieces I wrote years ago. Even just re-reading the coursework pieces I wrote at the beginning of this year I’m able to ameliorate them, and that is growth. That is development.

How do you keep track of where you are. In life or in anything else? Exams work, but not always. One of the things I love about dance, is seeing that, I’m only 16 and have already achieved some of the life time goals I set for myself when I was little more than a toddler. I can now do pirouettes, doubles and triples even. I can do pointe work, I’ve even had my first solo en pointe. I can now execute countless beautiful and difficult steps effortlessly. And I can string them together into a piece of jewelry no one person has a right to wear. It’s hard to imagine now, what my dances used to be like. It has been years since I danced a choreography without any pirouettes or jumps or leaps or anything of the sort. It’s slightly difficult to imagine dancing a ballet without them. And yet at one point I did, and it frightens me that now I can’t remember how I did them. Those were the dances that made me pursue and persevere through dance, and yet they have slipped my mind.

Thankfully, what I felt dancing them has not. I guess the thrill, the adrenaline rush and the exhilaration and the feeling afterward, that all that stress, the months of practices, the days of no sleep leading up to the final performance as dress rehearsal schedules fell farther and farther behind (as usual), the feet aches, blisters, stressed and strained muscles, the cramps… were all worth it. The blinding lights, the glimpses of smilling faces you see through them, the applause and gratitude of the audience conveying their obvious sense enjoyment and appreciation of your work. Their obvious oblivion to your pain :P.  It all transcends to make one very potent drug that keeps us going, that binds us to the thing we love.

To dance.

I hope you all dance. Today, tomorrow, forever.

And now, since it is raining again, I think I’ll go dance in the rain. (dance, not sing).

Summer’s just begun!

Well, it officially began a couple of days ago, but we were all waiting for school to end. FINALLY!!! I Just got home! but… it doesn’t feel like summer. All of my friends abroad and a lot of my friends from around here too were already out of school at least a week ago. And then there’s my brother, who is now a graduate and has pretty much been lounging around the house for the past month. At least he got to try out a new hobby before going to university. Its called “Annoying your sister by telling her that you dont have school and get to sleep in tomorrow and will be getting up while she is in her Physics class and telling her to go to bed and stop writing on her blog because she has school tomorrow and keeping up the entire family by having friendss over late and then having them leave noisily EXTEREMELY early in the morning…” I’m now all the more impatient to finish school. Oh well, next year he’s going to be paying taxes and having to rely on him self while I’ll still be cooking from my parents’ fridge, right?

What happened to the years when we used to love school, and couldn’t wait for it to begin? Did they run away when the going got tough? Or are they merely oppressed by status quot and non suportive or non stimulating work? I think a combination. What about you?

Well last night (when I actually started writing this post… but anyways) was the prize giving ceremonies for our school. That means that I spent 2 hours listening to speaches and the hundreds of people being called onto stage to receive prizes. Haha, joking, hundreds? My school isnt that big. There are only about 50 people per grade, and only about 20 people to receive a prize in each grade.  My brother got to play his saxophone, which he did splendidly, (I’m still getting compliments to bring home to him) and one of my friends sister’s played violin which she did wonderfully. She did her Grade 8 exam a couple of years ago, and my brother did the grade 8 this year. Both passed excelantly and I am so proud of them both, as well as the entire graduating class. HERE”S TO ALL THE GRADUATES AROUND THE WORLD!!!

Now as for today… what a horrible embarrassment! Every year we have a talent show at the end of the year at our school. This year one of my friends managed to convince me to sign a song while she played on the piano. It was literally last minute because we were printing out the lyrics for me about 15 minutes before we hit the stage. Fun. We started out ok, and we were only going to sing a bit, but I got so nervous, my hand was shaking so hard I couldn’t read the lyrics and forgot the line. Then my friend got nervous and sped up a bit on the piano and we were both so dazed we couldn’t get back into place. We ended with a little bit of the chorus before making a dash for backstage. Oh well, at least I have 2 and some months to get over it. We already decided though, that next year 2 other singers, me and her and a couple of friends are going to get together (a head of time this time round) to perform much better. Two of our friends (the ones we are singing with next year (hopefully)) sang something slightly impromptu, together. But the main singer had composed the song and so had no problem remembering lyrics. We’ve also decided, I’m gonna write a poem for her and she will compose the music. For you two, I voted for ya, and got a hold of other paper of peoples who said they wanted to vote for you but didnt want to write!  So proud of you both, you did wonderfully! Oh did I mention they won? 😀

So the song we did was Boston by Augustana. Anyone know it? anyone like it? I don’t think its exactly the right song for my voice. I love singing, and can get a clear note and hold a melody but I’m not exactly a good singer. I’m pretty good with Chirstmas carols, (lol) they are the only songs that seem to suit my voice, but other ones I like to sing are (don’t laugh) “Colours of the Wind” from Pocahontus (yes I know its disney, but I’ve always loved the song, it has a lovely message and I love the melody) “River” by Joni Mitchel, and “Ironic” by Alanis Morinsetti (sorry if I spelt any names wrong!)

Here’s the Youtube link to Boston (haha- out of context, that still makes sense… kinda):

Enjoy your summer everyone! Be active, be healthy, stay PALE! 😛 Ok, just make sure you don’t get burnt like I did!

Over and out.

One of those days

Today is just one of those days when nothing seems to go right. There seems to be too much to do, not enough hours in the day, leaving me up at night, or else I simply can`t fall asleep anyways, leaving me exhausted in the morning. Well that was last night and this morning. 😦 There seems to be complication after complication and the entire week has seemed to be topsy turvy.

Can`t write much more because there is just too much to do, but thought I`d just say Yay, because so far today we are at 605 views total. In the near two months this blog has been around for, I`m kinda proud. It doesnt help to make me feel better though that my brother brags about how one of his sports blogs gets at least 80 views a day… bla blah blah.

Well the sun just went behind a cloud and so I must get behind some work! More soon!

Cold Pizza for Breakfast

Sorry it has taken a while to get back on here. After the three days of hiking though the grueling heat with a 15 kg backpack I spent my first day home just sleeping. I also took a nice cool shower to sooth my sunburn (ouch) and also because hiking, then swimming, then hiking again… you feel really dirty…

Then Thursday I was still a bit groggy but had some more work to do so had to push through.

Right now, my parents are out, my sister and I are home with the brothers, but they are both asleep (doesn’t seem that the only thing teenage boys do is sleep and eat?). They had a couple of friends over the night before while my sister and I were at a Bon Voyage party for a friend that is going abroad soon.

Neither of us felt like cereal or toast when we woke up but saw the left over pizza the boys had ordered last night. We both LOVE to have cold pizza in the summer as a snack, or even for breakfast. Its so perfectly refreshing yet satisfying when you aren’t in the mood for fruit. What do you guys like to have during the summer to stay refreshed?

So who has been watching the world cup? Who are you cheering for? Your home country… a favorite…? I’ve been rooting for Italy and Greece mostly. Yes Greece despite their lousy playing in their first match. At least now we don’t feel sorry for the fans that went to South Africa anymore!  Are any of you watching it? My brother found this spread sheet over the web that someone had made and as each game goes by he is inputting information.

Speaking of the world cup, what do you all think of Shakira’s song for it?Personally I love it. I love how her music incorporates ethnic styles from around the world. When you listen to it, you don’t know whether you are listening to World music, pop, dance, electronic… Great ambiance though. And I love this music video. Its a breath of fresh air, I have to say. MOst music videos I find… rather boring and pointless. Take Rhianna’s “Please Don’t Stop the Music”. I had to watch the music video because I was choreographing a piece for a  group and they were wondering if I could do anything with the song. I don’t normally listen to Rhianna and so own no CD’s or any of her music so I had to rely on my trustworthy friend Youtube. I’m sorry but that video was pointless, had a poor plot and was just BORING (all in my humble opinion of course).  I guess the fact that I wasn’t really affected (at all) by the music adds to it, but still. I’ve been singing “Waka Waka” for the past two days! And look at everyone in the video. They are happy, and having fun! Shakira isn’t wearing anything slutty, or rude. She isn’t wearing killer heals. I would even wear that top! And she doesn’t seem to care about being seen as a hollywood figure; she is smiling the entire time, laughing and just plain having a good time too.  Good Job to everyone who worked on the video. Kudos on having the song selected as the Official song for the world cup. That’s it that’s all.

Moooooving on…

actually, I had another “topic for discussion” in mind…but I seem to have forgotten it. Whoops. Oh well, I’ll be back soon now that I’m here.

Till then.

Even when things should be slowing down…

…they just end up speeding up.

It’s summer.

We are now nearly ready to end school. Exams have been handed back (all but art). Lessons are winding down.

Deadlines are being met,  summer work is being set, and relaxation is being post-poned…

Its that time of year when everyone just wants to relax, and finish, and start summer, but our school has decided to have school end a bit later this year, so we are all enduring a bit more of the … well nothingness that marks our daily lives. typical days.

That sounds really depressing.

I just mean that we are all in suspense as usual, always waiting for something, to happen.

Tomorrow morning, something will happen. My grade is going on a camping trip. Beach, sun, trees, relaxation, swimming, ice-cream, good company (hopefully)… what more can I ask for? (that actually sounds like a lot of demands :P)

Well my point is that not much has been going on right now. I just finished packing. I’ve got everything on my check list (provided by school) and yet I still feel like I’m missing something… We all go through this, problem is, I think I have this feeling far too often. And its normally right.

Anyways, I know this is kinda short, (VERY short) but I’ll be getting up in 7 and a half hours… probably I’ll only get 5 hours sleep by the time I’m done getting everything I could possibly need, and finally put my mind to rest that I have EVERYTHING I could Possibly need.

I think the big problem though  is that I’m not taking my I-pod with me. I mean can you imagine 3 days with out music??? I certainly can not! Haha, this sounds really spoiled. But Music, Dance, and words… they are just a must for me in my everyday life. (oh! Thats something I need to get, my notebooks! Thx guys!) (oh and I could get another novel too… what else is there to do but read when I’m not swimming. I’m not a sun bathing type. WAY too boring!) Keep up the Brain storm! see this is one of the great things about being able to multiple think… while you are busy doing one thing you mind keeps tackling another problem… Where as other people, though tend to think about 2 or 3 things at once, it seems that I can annoyingly think of 5 or 6 at once and sometimes end up getting confused.

Ok- new problem arose. My flashlight isnt working. It’s an underwater one I got last year. Bulb is fine, batteries have charge- but for some reason there seems to be no negative terminal and we can not find out how to get the light on! oh well… another thing to do while I can not sleep. Find new Flashlight!  *sigh* aint this just swell?

Ok flash light is now working and I just managed to stuff a few more things into my bag. Next, a couple more books.

Ok books and flash light added to bag… bag itself is full, though the zip still goes by really easily… htere fore there is still some room for stuff on the top should I need it (such as books… camera… more books 😛 I know I know, I’m a total book worm! :P)

Ok forget about that. It’s now officially full… which means that coming back I wont be able to fit ANYTHING in it! haha. I’ll manage… somehow…

Well I really should go. I have some email and correspondances to write before I go to bed so toodle-oo (just found out how to spell it correctly haha!)

Bonna Notte Tutti!

How I loooove inactivity -.-

It feels so long since I’ve been on here.

It has been a while indeed, but exams always get in the way. How unfortunate.

Well because of finishing exams and getting them back and having life go on as usually because it isn’t summer break yet (unfortunately), there isn’t too much to say. Not only have I not been writing much, but I haven’t been reading much either. I’m glad that now I will be able to catch up on some of my favourite blogs. Its about time, I say.

Inactivity is a horrible thing to have in our lives. Not to mention how much worse it is when it effects all our lives. I’m talking about the Gulf Oil spill. If the ocean had a “Public Enemy #1” it would be BP.

Sure we can’t blame them for not trying to stop the GUSH OF CRUDE OIL SPILLING INTO THE GULF OF MEXICO AT ALARMING RATES EVERYDAY, after all the many failed attempts we have seen them make. You have to give’em credit for at least trying. :[ (crickets chirping in background.)

Special emphasis to be put on the failed. And many.

What we can blame them, and scream at them and accuse them of and so on and so on is being blinded by greed!!! That evil little monster that finds it’s way in everywhere, into all of our lives at one point or other. The devilish fiend that turned the heads of BPs’ eyes into big saucers of green seeking mirrors of money [ ($).($) ]


Ok enough of being childish. This is serious. Maybe if they hadn’t been so blind they would have had safety precautions ready or know how to deal with the events leading up to blast on the rig. Or maybe they realised that… HEY Maybe it isnt all that safe to drill way down deep where humans can’t get to, not even the best of the deep deep sea divers…

ANother thing we can accuse them of being is cowards. Haven’t you noticed it very hard to get news about the animal casualties and affirmative effects on the environment. The only site, the site of a wild life rescue organization had their information taken off the web after post stats about casualties, pressumed casualties, estimated casualties, total effects… now we are left in the dark.

Trying to figure out what to do. If we can do anything. Why is the Sierra Club not doing anything? Argh this is frustrating.

More later. I’ll try to see if there is anything or any information we can use.