Well. What can I say?


A pipe burst this morning, a main water pipe. Unfortunately it was right around the time my family and I were getting onto the bus so we didn’t get the message before getting to school. They had to close all the water for the area and so the school has to close.  And now we are stranded here until more buses come to take us home. Its annoying because we could have been back at home now If we had just walked when we found out. Oh well. Well be getting on soon.


So now I’m listening to my music typing this. I also got to write for about an hour while everyone else was off in their own worlds.

Or so it seems. I was looking down at my book writing away in my own world, listening to my music and when next I looked up most of the 200 or so students from both the lower and upper school that had been stranded were gone. There were a few boys a couple grades below me left. And they were quite content playing basketball. So I know nothings happening until 10 to 10 when we will start assemblying for the buses and so I will continue writing away. Toodles!