Hi everyone.

My name is Mirella Rosaria. Though you can call me Ella, or Mira as are common nick names among my friends.

If you are reading this blog here are somethings you should know about me:

-I’m your not so ordinary 16 year old

-I love music and dance– they are my life

-I love writing (be it prose or poem)

– and drawing

-and painting

-and photography

-and reading– books are my best friends, after my twin sister that is!

Yes, I have a twin sister, though we don’t look anything alike. She has asked to write on here every now and then. And I think I might let her. You’ll find out more about me through the course of this blog. So keep reading!

And contact me here, on Facebook at the name Mirella Rosaria, or at my email: miraella_rose@yahoo.com

I’m looking forward to hearing from all of you out in the world!