Ok I know I havent posted for a while, but this is kinda urgent, and I have exucses…believe me loads of them!
For one thing, excuse me if there are any spelling or grammar mistakes, because for somereason I can not see what I am typing……..

Now to the important stuff. As many of you know, I have two dogs, a 9 year old, blind and diabetic(we recently found out and I’ve been wanting to post about life with him… but Ill explain why I havent at a later date) cotton de tulier(male), and a 3 year old border collie mix(female). The Collie is normally very dominant, and sometimes the two of them get into fights, or can be jealous if one has a toy/treat/attention that the other doesn’t. thats not the problem today though.

I was working in my room today and didn’t feel good about having my boy walking around at the top of the stairs, and so I put him on my bed where he was sitting beside me. The Collie was walking around, as she is quite independant and often goes to find toys. As far as I can gather she was at the top of the stairs, possibly heading down, when it happened.

I had just sat down when I heard her screaming. I ran to check on her, and found her pacing away from our small landing. Her tail was down and her ears were down and she came up to me… Wouldn’t sit, or let me take her paws to see what was wrong, as my first thought was that she had stept on something sharp. I didn’t see any blood though and next thought there could have been a stranger in the house as she is quite frightened by strangers. A quick look down the stairs showed the house was empty except for me and the dogs, and during that time she had crawled under the bed still whimpering though more quietly. My senior had started to bark at her so I had to put him in another room.

I couldn’t coax her out of the bed. She was very upset. Shes normally very vocal at the slightest sound, but when the door bell rang she didn’t bark or come out and shes normally the first at the door. Eventually she came out, going first to the bathroom where she stayed for half an hour, then went down the stairs, very slowly and sat under a table for another half hour. Now she is only taking a few steps at a time and goes from one carpet and table to another… SHe fiinally let me pick her up.

her ears and tail have not perked. she is having trouble walking, putting little pressure on either of her right legs, especially the hind one which trembles and shakes when she lyies down. she keeps fidgetting, she refuses to eat. I handed her first a treat, then food then chicken even with no result only manadging to get her to eat a piece of cheese. What shoudl I do? What could be wrong? SHe hasn’t been outside for a few hours and normally wants to be outside constantly when someone is home but i havent been able to get her outside, to the food or water dish either, and I can’t leave them by her.

I should note that after she went under the bed I went to inspect the landing to see if there was any glass. All i found was a spot of red that had some of her hairs in it. It wasn’t blood though, and was sticky like gum… Im wondering if it could have come from one of our shoes and if she maybe steped on it and got her fur stuck… Would that have put her in so much pain as to yowl for five minutes? would it have caused her to loose some control of her leg if it pulled a nerve? could it be related to her nerves? I’mm really frightened as shes too young and healthy for a stroke or anything else i can link her symptoms to. And she was fine just moments before she started yelling. Please help!

I am normally quite good at figuring out what is wrong, but I havenet been able to… shes not bleeding and Im freaking out. She tries to stand up, pushing off of her back legs to stand, but then just flops onto the floor again… I know most of my readers, however few there were, have probably given up on me now after I haven’t written anything in so long, but i really need the help. And i do plan on writing again now that wordpress has accepted my password for what it is.. (ill explain another time). But please, anyone that sees this, that has any ideas that knows ANYTHING about dogs… please help! I’m desperate!