I’ve been a lil’ bit busy trying to revise. Its late now and I’m just about to go to bed, (no school tomorrow but I want to wake up early, do some yoga and then do some other work besides revision before starting on my studies) and I saw some news.

First of all, the blogg is nearing its 150 view mark!! Whippy! Who would have ever thought it’d last so long. I’m very honest with you guys. I thought the world would think I was dead boring and only talked about things no one cared about. Seems like that’s not fully true.

Secondly, I have my first subscriber!!! Haha! Never thought that would happen! Its one person but they have subscribed to two posts, but thats still something! (though I have a suspicion it might be a friend of mine… hmmmm…)

Thirdly, Missy my dear, I got your message but I want to give you my full attention and am a bit spacey and tired right now (this was supposed to be fourth but I forgot what was supposed to be third…). I will respond in the morning and also send you an email to explain somethings. It took me a while to realise too.

OHHH! THats it! FOURTHLY! I will write a proper post in the morning. Perhaps even with some pictures for you guys. THis blogg is awfully blah so I will add some nice pics as well as a profile pic of myself. It ought to brighten it up a bit, right?

THough I like the black background, not only is it… bold but its also ecofriendly!!! (that should help any readers feel a TAD better about using the energy to begin with! Im a bit happy knowing that Im putting out another ecofriendly site). Of course I had inspiration from my FAVOURITE search engine: http://www.blackle.com

Its just google, but in a black verison so all that horrible light isnt lost. Unfortunately you can not search for pictures on it… 😦

Ok, I’m gonna be in trouble if I do not leave NOW (script trailing off cheesily like in a novel when the protagonist recieves a note but the writer of said note has been attacked or taken by surprise and does not finihs the sentence or even word though you all know the rest…)