Hey guys. Know I have been absent for a while. I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus (love that word). Which is to say that I promised my parents I would take a bit of a break from technology and the interwebz so as to focus on studying for a while. Unfortunately that included my Kindle, which, you should know, is my life line… being a biblioholic.

See I realized that I procrastinate by reading… more than usual. So I depleted it of battery and put it in a draw which was subsequently locked.

*warning to parents- do not buy kindle or books for children who like to read or else they will find no other meaning in their lives!*(just to be clear- that’s a joke. My parents are probably the only ones in the UNIVERSE who get to complain about kids who read TOO much)

And don’t worry Blade, I’ve got a reply all written out to you’re comment on the post I wrote about parenting advice. I just wanted to make it good but think I spent a bit tooo much time on it 😛 It’ll be up soon though!

Anyways, I’ll be able to write again soon, once the exams start, on my down time. And to be frank, I CAN’T BLOODY WAIT! Writing anything for me is so… fulfilling. Almost as good as reading 😛

However, CClester had gotten me thinking a bit about my blog. Was I really approaching it in the correct way? I know there is no ‘right’ way to write a blog, but it had deviated from what I had intended it to be when I started it. So it’s time to get back on track. And I’m doing it with a bit of help!

Enter Jinx. My lovely friend who has made many digital art pieces for me, including the one that marked my thousandth view. She is soon to become my partner in crime! *applause*

We both have a lot in common and it’s no surprise we’ve become such good friends over the years. However we also have a lot of differences, so this should be interesting. Yet we are both really excited to have this new endeavour before us. So lets just look at what I want to happen next.

As you can see I’ve already changed my theme to signify this change. Looks kinda like you’re reading something off an old wooden desk, right? That’s the point!

The blog is going back to it’s roots of creative expression as well as a new addition. Jinx and I are going to be doing reviews, together, of literature, and movies! I’m really excited about this because we’ve been sharing books for a while, giving suggestions to one another and talking about them… something I’d always wanted in a friend before I met her.

And I’m sharing that with you guys. And throughout this, though, we are still going to be writing our views on various topics, world news, web news, etc. It’s just going to have less of a focus on me. 🙂 Which I’ve always wanted.

Also, this way, with both of us having busy schedules, we can alternate duty to alleviate the burden a bit. Plus it will just be more fun this way 😛

So bear with me while I change everything about this blog ;P Kinda.. Ok the name will be changed to accommodate us both. We have brainstorming to do there. We found a theme we both liked that worked for the blog as well. Now I need to remember where it was that I saw how to add a writer to the blog… Anyone know?

I know it’s possible since my brother has a blog with three other men.

Also, I have a few posts that I’ve wanted to put up but haven’t been able to because the photos weren’t uploading and they weren’t that important without the photos, so keep an eye out for those! I think it might have been the theme stopping me there.

So all in all this blog and I both are going to be undergoing a lot of changes and WE all hope to see you soon.

Now how about some spring cleaning?