My mother’s sentiments for me,

mine for my child,

Our wishes for you, world.

Everyone should dance.

It’s as simple as that.

The world would be a better place if we all danced.

And sang.

Enough of the one line paragraphs. Now for real.

Ballet has hardly even stopped for a week and I’m already going insane! I need to dance!!! It’s a love that’s potent beyond belief. It’s passion.


With movements,





and triumph,


and hope,


and fragility,

Its a talent we are born with,

and fight to master.

It’s something we aspire to do.

And cry over when we dont succeed.

But it drives us further,

Into the abyss?

Into the light.

How can you not dance?

In sleep,

I dance.


I dance.


I dance.

and dead I am without dance.

But even dead, I dance.

With the stars.

Those shining stars who came before us and lit up the abyss with their enlightening ways.

Inspirational ways.

Momentuous ways.

Blinks through time.

The history of dance,

So long and vast,

Beautiful and enthralling,

Majestic and yet meager.

To live is to dance, and to dance is to live.

Ok, now for real. This is a question for any dancers out there. what is the best thing about dance. Whether its dancing, or right before you dance, or performing or right before you perform, what is it that you love most.

You don’t dance? ok fine. Then what is your favourite activity and what is the best thing about it.

Why do we love doing whatever it is that we love. I’m a dancer, and a writer.  For me its all about expression, communication and emotions. they all tie together. I love being able to know how I feel. I love the freedom of being able to express myself. I love knowing that I’m improving. Watching myself grow up and improve through pictures and videos from recitals and classes in the past, and through reading pieces I wrote years ago. Even just re-reading the coursework pieces I wrote at the beginning of this year I’m able to ameliorate them, and that is growth. That is development.

How do you keep track of where you are. In life or in anything else? Exams work, but not always. One of the things I love about dance, is seeing that, I’m only 16 and have already achieved some of the life time goals I set for myself when I was little more than a toddler. I can now do pirouettes, doubles and triples even. I can do pointe work, I’ve even had my first solo en pointe. I can now execute countless beautiful and difficult steps effortlessly. And I can string them together into a piece of jewelry no one person has a right to wear. It’s hard to imagine now, what my dances used to be like. It has been years since I danced a choreography without any pirouettes or jumps or leaps or anything of the sort. It’s slightly difficult to imagine dancing a ballet without them. And yet at one point I did, and it frightens me that now I can’t remember how I did them. Those were the dances that made me pursue and persevere through dance, and yet they have slipped my mind.

Thankfully, what I felt dancing them has not. I guess the thrill, the adrenaline rush and the exhilaration and the feeling afterward, that all that stress, the months of practices, the days of no sleep leading up to the final performance as dress rehearsal schedules fell farther and farther behind (as usual), the feet aches, blisters, stressed and strained muscles, the cramps… were all worth it. The blinding lights, the glimpses of smilling faces you see through them, the applause and gratitude of the audience conveying their obvious sense enjoyment and appreciation of your work. Their obvious oblivion to your pain :P.  It all transcends to make one very potent drug that keeps us going, that binds us to the thing we love.

To dance.

I hope you all dance. Today, tomorrow, forever.

And now, since it is raining again, I think I’ll go dance in the rain. (dance, not sing).