I was just walking into the bathroom to get a tissue when a very peculiar sight… The toilet was full… but unlike when there are more boys in the house, now there was a bright magenta tennis ball from Petsmart in the bowl… I laughed so hard! First of all I wondered how the tennis ball got there… next I wondered why… I don’t know why ‘Why?” but it was just so funny.

Next I thought, well maybe she had thought up a new game! She’s known for making up games to ammuse herself. she loves playing fetch, but when no one will play shell toss the ball in the air and catch it on bounces. or shell roll it with her nose. SHe’s very smart. She’ll take our shoes out of the cubbies and stuff the tennis ball in and all the way down, and then pull it out with her paws. One time, while diong physics hw and being occupied by equations, I guesse I was ignoring her cause she jumped on the one couch she’s allowed on, and started messing up the pillows. I wish I had had a camera. She had litterally piled all the cushions into a ramp and climbed to the top and rolled the ball down it so it rolled all the way to the far corner of the room. She fetched it, climbed again and rolled it again for a good half hour. Oh if only she could do my physics hw. this was a DOG!!! Not even a creature with opposable thumbs and she was able to make the perfect ramp! Do you see what is wrong with this picture? A DOG!

but no just any dog. My dog. Pie is a very special dog. I mean obviously, she IS BRILLIANT! but besides that. For one thing she speaks french.Ā  thirdly she is the gentlest dog in the world and thirdly, so opposed to violence! She’s the perfect dog for me (I mean obviously shes a genius just like me (she takes after me šŸ˜‰ )

anyways the only problem with her putting the tennis ball in the toilet? Besides the fact that she’s not tall enough to put it in unless she’s on her hind legs, and she’s never ever done that (i think the whole `dog drinking from the toilet bowl`is all a myth. our dogs never chewed on furniture or on shoes or drank from the toilet bowl…) but more importantly (as ive already made clear) she’s very intelligent… she’d know she wouldnt be able to get it out. I mean she once got the ball stuck in a new shoe and brought it to us to get it out for her…

So why was there aĀ  magenta tennis ball in the toilet?

I couldn’t stop laughing until everyone in the house came to see what was wrong. No wonder Pie had been hanging around the bathroom for the past two hours! Some one had tossed the tennis ball for her and not watched where it ended up… which was the toilet. And her being my dog, despite the fact that I did not throw it, had to pick it up… YUCK! I mean the toilet was clean but… STILL! though she has no problem playing with the ball anymore, Im adverse to it. Ill kick it. no more.

I must say though, it looked very odd indeed in there.

So back to the +more part of the title… šŸ˜›

Who has already started school/university/college/work? Who’s already accustomed to the routine?Ā  I still have a two days before going back and am trying to get some more bits of summer crammed in… as well as summer work… and as you can see, im procrastinating mighty well šŸ˜› How bout you guys?Ā  Do you get summer work, and how do you feel about it? Do you do it right at the begining… or kinda forget about it? I did most of mine int he first few weeks except for art and english which dwindled on through out the summer. But there was something I had forgotten.


I love maths and all, especially the philosophies that go into it… but Im not all that keen about doing practice tests… They are fine as a class when my friends and I work together (no seriosuly we work and dont just pass work around like the rest of the class). And Iused to love maths, but the truth is, despite being in a high levle maths… tha fact that im just… ok… not a big ego boost and so I might be fine in class work… i ALWAYS screw up on tests because of stress… only on pop quizes can I ever do really great… no time to stress…

And the sucky part for me? This year is exam year. Yup, in just a couple of months, ill be doing the biggest math exam I’ve ever done and, hopefully (despite my teachers hopes) ever will do. I hope to follow in my brothers footsteps and choose the middle or second to top math level for IB. no HIGHER LEVEL MATHS for me! (like I said… not so much the physic type šŸ˜› )

but enough whinging from me. How do you guys do on tests? any stress relief, or focus techniques? How about studying? I find it quite easy to study for any other subject, even if its not easy, i at least know how to study. Even English I can study for… kinda. But I can’t figure out how to study for Maths besides doing tests and its not very motivating doing tests… any suggestions? Any brain games that might help? I know my insomnia probably has to do with it, and that if I actually got some sleep at night I could probably be brilliant at maths, (or so I’d like to think at least… :S ) just like I’m sure my dog would be if she could use a calculator. šŸ˜›

Well… off to do some more practice test… YIPEE! -.-