ok, So a friend, who is awesome at digital art, promised me that when I got 1000 views she would make me something as a congratulatory prize. See I never thought I would make it to 100 let alone 1000. Now, its really late, and I’m nearly at 2000 but Ill put it up anyways.

Here’s a link to her site:


and here is the picture she did just for moi. 🙂


It doesn’t say congratyulations or anything. I can tell its for ne, because where as she loves cats and pokemon, and a lot of what she does is related to them, I’m a fishy person (lol). and no, she doesn’t dream of eating me :P.

I can’t type much now. Got work to do. A few more paintings need to be finished before school starts and an essay needs to be… started at least 😛

But there you go Jinx my dear!  I told you I’d put it up!