Ok, so the wedding was beautiful, and very fun.  Now, as the young couple embark on their honeymoon, i embark on my next school year. We leave in a few days to return to the States for the new school year. And I don’t really have much to say right now, but I was reading some of the posts that were put on Freshly Pressed today, and thought I’d put up the ones that I liked.


my friend Drussilah mentioned “change blindness” on one of her older posts. This is how we come by change blindness. Because we don’t actually absorb even 1/4 of the stuff we see/hear/experience. My grand dad seems to be immune to this. When we were little and would go on walks with him, you would see his head moving all around, taking in his surroundings. thats how we came across so many strange creatures, lost toys, and fruit. he was always aware of the fruit around him.


This really struck a chord with me and my mom.  It’s hard to say goodbye to my bro, even though he aint so far away… :S

oh well, gotta go. my time has been cut short and theres alot to be done.

Live la vie da’loca.