I couldn’t believe I haven’t written a proper post in so long! Sad to say this one isn’t going to be very proper either…

I’ve been very… drowsy… what with the summer lazyness kicking in.  My sister and I have actually managed to get by that, now that we’ve realised it, by setting up a workout routine. Greece is such a great place to work out, because its so hot. So you feel even better afterward when you take a nice cool shower. Perfectly refreshing right before the mid day heat hits at two in the afternoon. Today is a rest day. We are doing cardio/aerobic and weight lifting for resistance and strength training every other day during the week, and then on the weekend (because its harder with people lounging on couches and parents buzzing around) we do whatever we can. But often we go to the beach or for a bike ride. Nevertheless, we try to wake up early enough to get in a little palates on the weekend while everyone else is asleep still.

Anyways, i’ve been drowsy and not spending much time on the computer. When I have, its mostly been for research. I can’t wait to get my pictures printed and start painting. Off now to get the paints!!!

Good luck to all of you on your summer goals!