I went wandering again yesterday.

Well what else is there to do in the summer? Besides it was lovely weather. High twenties (Greece has had very low temperatures this summer and I’m loving it!), breezy, shady due to slightly overcast skies… just beautiful! Plus all the rain we have had recently the trees are green, the grass is growing and the flowers are blossoming more than ever!

I love it when the flowers blossom in Greece. It is such a dry climate, and yet you get such tropical looking plants around here. Sure there are the palm trees which were imported and not indigenous, but there are other lovely, vivid and vibrantly coloured flowers, which, when you look at them with their lovely background of lush greenery, give you the impression of being in a tropical rain forest. Or is it just me?

I tend to let my mind get away from me. I think about impressions. Not what I see with my eyes but what I see with my mind. What I feel with my mind. What I sense with my mind. I think about colours and shapes and words and descriptions of how I can transfer these impressions from my mind’s eye to that of my audience, be they reading, seeing, hearing or watching.

So… Yesterday, amidst the wanderings I ended up at one of my friend’s houses. Another friend had informed me that she was at home, and wouldn’t be leaving for vacation yet. So when I ended up in the area I decided to stop by and say ‘Hi”. Well knowing me I probably said about 1000 other words… no 100,000 other words (probably even more).

Anyways, we decided, since it wasn’t too hot to go walking around in the shopping district. Most of the stuff in many of the stores is outrageously expensive because of the area, the brand name shops, and the other reasons. We all know of the economic difficulties Greece is going through now, and how the government has recently raised the tax. So most store owners have had to raise their prices to get along with this.

We managed to find some nice shirts as a gift for a friend who’s birthday it is today (Happy Birthday Dear!) and I managed to find a cute dress as well. It doesn’t fit quite perfectly… The straps are a bit too long, and if I shorten them, which I will, then I’m going to have to put in two more seams to alter the width of the bodice which would then be slightly too big. My sister has promised to help me get the measurements right, but I will be doing the sewing myself. Having to sew on my ribbons and elastics onto my pointe and flat ballet shoes my stitches are rather small and neat. Though my mother still does them right before my exams so that I know they are on strongly.

I’ve just been itching to be creative lately. After shopping, my companion and I went to get some Pizza. Here is what happened while waiting for our order to be ready and after:

No half empty or full... just empty... plus a lemmon slice, tehe, I ate the ice 😛




The flash made this look spooky and luminous

I’ll put some flora and fauna up later. Internet is being too slow right now.

All of these are up on my Facebook page, plus more.

But I really have been itching to get my hands on something.


and let loose.

be creative.

Get messy,

Make Mistakes (lol- to quote my favourite cartoon when I was little “The Magic School Bus”- hehe, and then people wonder why I’m smart ;P I keed- A birthday girl quote, lol)

No Joke. I want to paint. But I haven’t bought my acrylic set yet, and I dont want the pale wishy washy colours of watercolour any more. I feel hindered by it. That I can’t get the movement and vivid colour that I want. I might have mentioned before that I was looking into getting a oil paint set so I could develop a new technique and skill and media. Come exam time that would be one more option I have. But my mom doesn’t want to have the turpentine and all the chemicals that are involved lying around the house if I end up not taking it to my liking. Plus she and I both can see me making a massive mess! I can see myself trying to thicken the paint with olive oil and spilling the jug all over the floor. Or taking a break from painting while I wait for a small section to dry, and so practice my fouette pirroutettes (as I like to in the living room), used paint brushes in hair and all only to send them flying splatering across the wall and kicking down the easel and knocking over the jug of turpentine and spilling the cleaning chemicals across the dining room table. Aye, yae yae, what a mess it would be! Better be safe than sorry right?

And at least I have a bit of experience with Acrylic so I know i would be able to use it. I just find that I never get as life like a likeness with acrylic for whatever reason. I still dream of the images I could get with oil, but I’ll wait till september and see if I can persuade my art teacher back home into letting me use some of the school’s supply… hehe.

I love watercolours for somethings… but not for all, and I have a vision. Watercolour won’t cut it for that.

I also want to dance uncontrollably. I’m definitely in withdrawal from lessons ending. I hear any song and instantly a thousand different choreographic ideas come to mind. Ok the impressions and stories of the ideas come to mind. Not the actual sequence until I select one from the hoard.  Tomorrow, I’m gonna try one with my sister and see if that works to quiet my mind a bit so I can focus on one form of art.  *sigh*

Till next time!