Well, it officially began a couple of days ago, but we were all waiting for school to end. FINALLY!!! I Just got home! but… it doesn’t feel like summer. All of my friends abroad and a lot of my friends from around here too were already out of school at least a week ago. And then there’s my brother, who is now a graduate and has pretty much been lounging around the house for the past month. At least he got to try out a new hobby before going to university. Its called “Annoying your sister by telling her that you dont have school and get to sleep in tomorrow and will be getting up while she is in her Physics class and telling her to go to bed and stop writing on her blog because she has school tomorrow and keeping up the entire family by having friendss over late and then having them leave noisily EXTEREMELY early in the morning…” I’m now all the more impatient to finish school. Oh well, next year he’s going to be paying taxes and having to rely on him self while I’ll still be cooking from my parents’ fridge, right?

What happened to the years when we used to love school, and couldn’t wait for it to begin? Did they run away when the going got tough? Or are they merely oppressed by status quot and non suportive or non stimulating work? I think a combination. What about you?

Well last night (when I actually started writing this post… but anyways) was the prize giving ceremonies for our school. That means that I spent 2 hours listening to speaches and the hundreds of people being called onto stage to receive prizes. Haha, joking, hundreds? My school isnt that big. There are only about 50 people per grade, and only about 20 people to receive a prize in each grade.  My brother got to play his saxophone, which he did splendidly, (I’m still getting compliments to bring home to him) and one of my friends sister’s played violin which she did wonderfully. She did her Grade 8 exam a couple of years ago, and my brother did the grade 8 this year. Both passed excelantly and I am so proud of them both, as well as the entire graduating class. HERE”S TO ALL THE GRADUATES AROUND THE WORLD!!!

Now as for today… what a horrible embarrassment! Every year we have a talent show at the end of the year at our school. This year one of my friends managed to convince me to sign a song while she played on the piano. It was literally last minute because we were printing out the lyrics for me about 15 minutes before we hit the stage. Fun. We started out ok, and we were only going to sing a bit, but I got so nervous, my hand was shaking so hard I couldn’t read the lyrics and forgot the line. Then my friend got nervous and sped up a bit on the piano and we were both so dazed we couldn’t get back into place. We ended with a little bit of the chorus before making a dash for backstage. Oh well, at least I have 2 and some months to get over it. We already decided though, that next year 2 other singers, me and her and a couple of friends are going to get together (a head of time this time round) to perform much better. Two of our friends (the ones we are singing with next year (hopefully)) sang something slightly impromptu, together. But the main singer had composed the song and so had no problem remembering lyrics. We’ve also decided, I’m gonna write a poem for her and she will compose the music. For you two, I voted for ya, and got a hold of other paper of peoples who said they wanted to vote for you but didnt want to write!  So proud of you both, you did wonderfully! Oh did I mention they won? 😀

So the song we did was Boston by Augustana. Anyone know it? anyone like it? I don’t think its exactly the right song for my voice. I love singing, and can get a clear note and hold a melody but I’m not exactly a good singer. I’m pretty good with Chirstmas carols, (lol) they are the only songs that seem to suit my voice, but other ones I like to sing are (don’t laugh) “Colours of the Wind” from Pocahontus (yes I know its disney, but I’ve always loved the song, it has a lovely message and I love the melody) “River” by Joni Mitchel, and “Ironic” by Alanis Morinsetti (sorry if I spelt any names wrong!)

Here’s the Youtube link to Boston (haha- out of context, that still makes sense… kinda):

Enjoy your summer everyone! Be active, be healthy, stay PALE! 😛 Ok, just make sure you don’t get burnt like I did!

Over and out.