It feels so long since I’ve been on here.

It has been a while indeed, but exams always get in the way. How unfortunate.

Well because of finishing exams and getting them back and having life go on as usually because it isn’t summer break yet (unfortunately), there isn’t too much to say. Not only have I not been writing much, but I haven’t been reading much either. I’m glad that now I will be able to catch up on some of my favourite blogs. Its about time, I say.

Inactivity is a horrible thing to have in our lives. Not to mention how much worse it is when it effects all our lives. I’m talking about the Gulf Oil spill. If the ocean had a “Public Enemy #1” it would be BP.

Sure we can’t blame them for not trying to stop the GUSH OF CRUDE OIL SPILLING INTO THE GULF OF MEXICO AT ALARMING RATES EVERYDAY, after all the many failed attempts we have seen them make. You have to give’em credit for at least trying. :[ (crickets chirping in background.)

Special emphasis to be put on the failed. And many.

What we can blame them, and scream at them and accuse them of and so on and so on is being blinded by greed!!! That evil little monster that finds it’s way in everywhere, into all of our lives at one point or other. The devilish fiend that turned the heads of BPs’ eyes into big saucers of green seeking mirrors of money [ ($).($) ]


Ok enough of being childish. This is serious. Maybe if they hadn’t been so blind they would have had safety precautions ready or know how to deal with the events leading up to blast on the rig. Or maybe they realised that… HEY Maybe it isnt all that safe to drill way down deep where humans can’t get to, not even the best of the deep deep sea divers…

ANother thing we can accuse them of being is cowards. Haven’t you noticed it very hard to get news about the animal casualties and affirmative effects on the environment. The only site, the site of a wild life rescue organization had their information taken off the web after post stats about casualties, pressumed casualties, estimated casualties, total effects… now we are left in the dark.

Trying to figure out what to do. If we can do anything. Why is the Sierra Club not doing anything? Argh this is frustrating.

More later. I’ll try to see if there is anything or any information we can use.