Nearly there… ok half way there with a week end in between. Exams, thou shall not conquer me! (and advice to anyone who stresses over a test: Exams shall not conquer thee!) Seriously, its only an exam. Its not the end of the world (yet- when you are in grade 12 then you can stress. but still guys CHILAX!) and sorry to break it to ya Stressermans (hehe pun because I’ve been doing history revision on my Germany Depth Study- and yes, i know i spelt it wrong to fit the pun…) but the world? this lovely little planet we live on? Yeah it keeps on turning weather you make a booboo on your test, break a nail, hand in a homework late or for some of you *gasp* even if you make a, dare I say? Fashion Faux Pas!?!?! dun dun duhhhhhh!

Well anyways, we just finished a very long day of art exams. Six hours today, though next year it will be 10, TEN, hours of art work for our exam… swell… Ill put up a pic of my piece, though I didn’t manage to finish it yet because I had another exam that I had to do aswell for art of the day, and I missed some of the other lessons we used before the exam to work on it for other exams too. But luckily, I am granted extra time.

ANyways, tomorrow is another day packed with three exams, but monday, thankfully, I only have one in the morning, which means I can walk home (my sister will be joining me two hours later) but no rest for the weary. Oh no, I have MORE to revise. History and CHemistry. I know I;ve said before, but once again, my two most stressfull… most ANNOYING becuase they are so fiddly (if you get what I mean) subjects. They are both just sooo tedious and revision for them is sooo… tiring not to mention boring. Its practicly an invitation for your mind to wander…

Oh well at least I have the weekend! Right? I also have two halves of books to re read. Well on half and one very short one to skim read. I have a pretty good memory for books (I like to think that I have hardly forgotten a story- yeah maybe i forget the title, author or cover but the story sticks with me- since first grade when they read us “Poppy and Rye” by Avi. I Loved that book and the others that followed or preceded it.)

So really, since I have actually read both books unlike most of my classmates (ok half of my classmates) and understood them on a deeper level and done all the work I had on them myself, I have ALOT less work to do for the English Lit exam.

BTW the books are two really borring really depressing really… not-so-nice-I-can-understand-why-they-didnt-want-to-read-them, type books. They are “The Hand Maid’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood (Gah what a horrible book- though I realise that I actually find reading distopian fiction gratifying and strangely enjoyed it on some level. I think I liked the deepre material, the historical refrences and the fact that it actuallly engaged my whole mind. It was however a good book to use to put me to sleep where as normally reading invigorates me, I sleep better after being aptly depressed by Ms. Atwood. Thank you for that!) and “ETHSN FROME” by Edith Wharton. ANother horrible, depressing, WAKE UP people books. Its one of those books where what happens is so obvious and the characters are soo bloody annoying (especially Mattie) that you just want to jump into the book and SLAP them and scream at them to wake up and smell the coffee. He loves her, she loves him, he is married, she is stupid, wife is sick, well not really just wants attention for once in her life, actually the only character i empathise with (think I might do the empathy question in the exam…hmmm…) But I still want to slap her too… no i dont. Shes too skinny and frail and sickly, if i did she woudl probably have an heart attack….

I also want to tell Wharton to wake up and get out of the marriage she was in when writting the book becuase her character really is Ethan for thats the position she is in.

Except I’m not crazy, and she is dead, and I believe in living in the present.

Ok, I better go refresh myself on my biology for tomorrow.

Nighty night everyone. Don’t let the bed bugs bite!

(that reminds me… I woke up today, to find my dog, on my bed (which she isnt normally becuase I dont let her) licking, no not my feet, no not my hand, no not my face… but my arm pit… seriously what goes through her head? it doesnt even make sense! Normally she has a fascination with my legs. And my mom had called my phone cause she had already left, and she actually said “Honey, you sound confused whats wrong did I wake you?” I said yeah she had woken me, but what I was trying to figure out was why the hell my dog was licking my armpit… shes never done something so disgusting before. Ok she licks my moms feet, but I understand that somehow even though they smell wretched! But Ive never heard of a dog licking an arm pit. Whats worse though is that she then preceded to try and lick my face… MEGA SUPER EeEeEeEeEeEeWwWwWwWwWww!!!!!!!! No way was I letting her get anny where near my face after that. it just felt sooo… well, ew. I cant think of another way to put it. I mean I had just taken a shower too so its not like I was all sweaty but still, its just the idea.

Anyways I felt really bad after that cause she looked heart so down heartened when I pushe her away from my face that I just had to give her a kiss on her head (she has this spot ont he top of her head that is perfet for pecks) and give her a nuzzle. I try to treat her like a dog. So I nuzzle her head under neath my chin, mixing our scents if we had scent glands (she does, I dont) but she still seems closest to me of the family becuase the rest treat her as a pet not a peer, and a daughter and a sister and a niece and a cousing both older and younger al rolled into one….

Ok now I really am exhausted.

I hope I dont find her licking me there again tomorrow morning… :S