It seems to me, that after graduating from elementary school, every year is the same.

You start school, excited and hopeful, everything is hectic and… interesting. Then you get used to it.

Next the holiday season, always a busy busy hectic time of year for me. A couple of weeks before Christmas you can most certainly find me out of breathe, just keeping my head above water, being swamped by performances, exams, more performances, more exams, yet more exams, and oh yeah, those lovely little parties that we have to go to, even though we dont want to. You know, the office party type…

Then things calm down again. You get used to school again, after all the aches and pains of writting after going so long not doing so. By the times things are finally good… GUESS WHAT! More (dundundunnnnn!) EXAMS!!!!!!!!! Thats what I’m going through right now. THe concert, and performance era of the end of the year has passed, and now we just have the exams.

Its not so much the exams that I mind. I’m one of those students who keeps up with all the work when its done, like I pay attention in class and things sink in, so come exam time, for most subjects all I really have to do is refresh myself on what we did way back when in October or whenever. What I mind is the atmosphere at this time of year. Its full of suspense, and knowing that you should be doing (revising- I hate it for those few subjects that I really have to work for- if you must know, chemistry, physics and history) but knowing how desperately you should be doing something just makes you want to do it less… right? So instead I am writing to you guys at 10:40 pm after taking a shower, washing my hair, after having a ballet lesson, and jogging home… (yeah some other stuff happened in between… but I shan’t write about that here…) instead of revising, or more importantly- GETTING SOME SLEEP!

I probably won’t be able to sleep.

I can;t normally.

Just stay up late reading whatever I can. I love books. They are so phenomonal. THey are like a comforting good friend when you need them to be one, a wise teacher when you need them to be one, and best of all, they never get angry with you, or give you back talk, or get mad at you for giving them back talk, or even disagree with you… Ahhh, if only people were like books…

No I’m kiding, that would be one heck of a borring world, and I would hightail it out of there in a jiff!

I hope you guys find me as a friend or counsler when you need me to be one. I’m quite good at listening (or reading) so if anyone ever has any problems they would like advice on… or any oppinions, feel free to write! At my email:, or as a comment.

Well its late, and I have school tomorrow (another thing which, unfortunately, never changes). See the fact that it feels soo much like summer (it was boiling recently but now feels more like autumn) makes school all the worse cuase you feel like it should be over tomorrow, but yet you know hyou still have all these exams, and more to learn… *sigh* will we ever break free of this awful cycle?

I’m terribly sorry if this is considered a short post but I am also waking up at 6 tomorrow instead of 7, and it is now nearly 11 and my hair is nowhere near dry. Ugh and I suppose I should at least get ready for tomorrow. Yay! its wendsday! for me thats a good day, cause it means I basibly only have good lessons. Double history which is really interesting, then double chemistry (heavy load for the morning but after that things lighten up) which can be either really good or really bad and never in between… :(. in the afternoon I have double art then Double PE both of which tend to be good except when our teacher makes us do lots of warm up rather than excersises  or if we are outside…

*sigh* now I’m not kidding this time. I’m leaving. This blog thing is addictive even if no one reads it (ha! so its no one, not noone. sorry we had a discussion about this in art today, couldnt figure out which it was… since its nobody and someone and the likes).

Goodnight eveyone! I hope you are all doing better than I am. (sore back- ballet-‘nough said).