For once, I actually don’t know what to say. Nothing wants to come out. So this post probably won’t be a very compelling read for any of you out on the web. It’s been a while, though, so I feel obliged to write SOMETHING.

Well most of my friends are away this weekend. There is a program at our school for survival and camping and map reading and all of that Called the International Award (IA) and they do bronze and silver level at my school. I really wanted to join but my parents wouldn’t let me or my sister. Both our brothers did it though, one has completed the second level too. However my parents, my dad in particular think it unbecoming of a girl to go romping around the wild woods with a 6 pound bag and sleep in a tent. Even worse they both throw it at me that as a ballerina I have to protect my best assets… my feet. Now that is just horrible because on top of not pursuing ballet as a career they already made me give up all my favourite team sports to protect my feet!!! And it doesn’t matter that the IA program is right up my alley! I love camping, walking, physical exertion (nothing like sitting down at the end of the day completely exhausted from being completely active all day!) cooking and LIBERTY!!!!!!!! being surrounded by nature and sleeping under the stars is another thing.

Well this weekend they are all hiking the foot hills of the Cascade mountains. For the final trip, they are going to be in a different region with a lot of waterfalls and lakes around, and I’m aloud to go on that trip, so I’ll be spending all day on the lake shore for three days and sleeping there too with the stars as my canopy.

well more about that later…

I can’t focus, probably because I should be studying for exams right now. Why do we have to have everything piled up at once? I don’t really mind that much, there are only about 3 subjects I really have to worry about. That would be History, Chemistry and Maths. My art exam requires a lot of preliminary work, but the entire exam is 8 hours, and being art, its too subjective to really be able to worry about. All I can do is make sure that in 3 weeks time, when my exam comes round I have all my backing done and all my support work. We have to complete the one final piece and three pages of back up work and writing in the 8 hours. I’ve recently found that I really LOVE engraving! For the exam I will probably end up using some of them, spot colour techniques, and paint a background. I can’t wait to see how it turns out, and I will be sure to put a picture up on the blog when its done.

Ahh I better get off the web and into the real world again…*sigh*

Ohhh! Let’s go see what’s on T.V.!!!

Mirella Rose